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moz://a protocol handler

This extension is a moz: protocol handler for moz://a URLs. After installing it, try going to moz://a. Or try moz://a/firefox. The extension's source code, and its list of URL mappings, is available at

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Lisätty January 18, 2017

SLEGO helper

Helps SLEGO game players on site htp://

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Lisätty January 17, 2017


Replaces "Trump", "Donald Trump" and "President-elect Trump" with super clever Trump-esque nicknames.

Out of respect for the office of the Presidency, this plug-in goes inactive after inauguration day.

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Lisätty January 17, 2017

Epoch Converter

Convert unix epoch datetime to regular date format (MM/DD/YYYY) in GMT and local timezones and vice versa.

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Lisätty January 12, 2017


Puts margins from FlipChat1 into a sortable table.

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Lisätty January 11, 2017

Magic Squares

An easy-to-use and lite Magic Squares game

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Lisätty January 10, 2017


Add-on with wishpuzzle

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Lisätty January 9, 2017

Last Video 123movies

This plugin helps you to remember your last video watched in 123movies website. I am not related with this site or something else.

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Lisätty January 7, 2017

Spilleautomater pa nett

It is an add-on created by the team of the HimmelSpill website. The main aim of this extension is to give its users an access to their favorite games with just one click from any corner of the web.

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Lisätty January 5, 2017

Easy Emoji

Easily find & copy any emoji(s) from your browser toolbar popup UI

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Lisätty January 4, 2017


Automatically replaces the word "Trump" with the word "Poop." It makes the news readable again. Built with assistance from files provided on the website

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Lisätty January 3, 2017

Chrome TRex Easter Egg for Firefox

This is a port of the Chrome Trex Easter Egg for firefox. Now, you have no excuse not to use Firefox daily ;-)
To use it, you can write 'about:neterror' (without quotes) in the adress bar. Otherwise, it will trigger each time there is an error.

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Lisätty December 31, 2016

clingykoala - English grammar and more. Quiz tests.

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Lisätty December 30, 2016

Web to Plex

Adds a button on various movie & TV show sites to open it in Plex. IMDb, and Movieo are supported.

Optionally you can configure it to add it to CouchPotato if the movie is not available.

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Lisätty December 19, 2016

Buff me up, baby!

Removes the video ads in Crusaders of the Lost Idols (CotLI).

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Lisätty December 15, 2016

Word Search Puzzle

Challenge your lexicon by discovering the hidden words in the word search puzzle game.

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Lisätty December 12, 2016

Crunchyroll Locale Unblocker

Watch region blocked anime on Crunchyroll from outside the US!

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Lisätty December 7, 2016

Dota 2 Subreddit Spoiler Remover

Removes spoilers from the Dota 2 subreddit. Currently this works by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+V" on the page you want the spoiler tags removed.

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Lisätty December 5, 2016


Custom card deck management for Cards Agains Humanity

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Lisätty December 4, 2016


An addon that disables commenting, replying, and sharing on Facebook. For those of us who spend way too much time on social media and can't quit.

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Lisätty November 28, 2016