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  • Приложение очень понравилось. Было бы здорово если бы добавили возможность устанавливать язык, на который хочешь перевести (что бы каждый раз не щелкать).
    А так 5 звезд!
  • I was looking for an extension like this for a long time! Very usefull! Thank you!
  • I can't even use it. I put the mouse cursor inside the box to choose the language, and it starts scrolling automatically and even when I'm fast enough to click English, it does nothing. So I went to the settings and removed all other languages, then went back and it was the same. All the languages were still there, and it did just like before. I tried hitting the scroll lock button (not sure what it does, but thought that might be it)...same. It's no good for me.
    sorry if it's not work for you. can you try this version instead : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/translate-whole-page-to-eng/
  • Ohh yes!Thankyou for this extremely useful and well performing exstension.
  • super
  • Mierda,junto adguard,esta extensión y la anterior son las mejores extensiones para firefox,se les agradeceria crear un traductor como el de google,gracias de todos modos.
  • Truly, this is the best Mozilla AddsOn Translator have seen. Google Chrome Translator Alternative. Nice work
  • Excellent full page translations, without having to switch to a google translate tab. Translates immediately in the current window, exactly what I was looking for, reminds me of chrome.
  • De lo mejorcito que he probado. Felicidades newyear
  • I was looking for so long a plugin who could translate the whole page without having to swtich to a translater website. Thanks for your work!
  • Absolute best translator I have found for full page translations. Love the way it progresses through pages. I only want but one more thing from it... port for Android.
  • спасибо
  • Best translator ever. If you want to translate a page without leaving it you should use this one.
  • is the best