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  • Real translate whole webpage for android firefox.Only one of them to support for firefox for android!
  • super only this page breaked https://planet.opensuse.org/en/
  • Really great! One of the only addons that translates similarly to chrome!
    The translation is not as high quality as chrome sadly :(
  • Good job.
  • I have downloaded a bunch of translate tools. This is the only one that actually does what google translate does in Chrome. Just translates the web page. Inside the web page. Without taking you to google translate. Huge Thanks!!! <3
  • 非常好的使用体验,翻译网页翻译的很迅速,但有些网页翻译的不如谷歌输入网页翻译的。
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    And is apparently the only one that does.
  • Einfaches und nützliches Addon
  • No bull shit translator. Just translates a page without any fuss, new windows/tabs or reloading. A+
  • Wonderful! Way better than others. Main thing I'd suggest is an option to always translate certain domains/subdomains (so you don't always have to click a button), and have a better way to contact developer in case of suggestions/bugs. :D
  • Fantastic addon, solving the exact problem that other translators actually create. There's so many available, yet this one cuts the bs pop-ups and single phrase translations. Let's be real, people don't need phrases translated, they need the whole page! This addon got it done and did so without opening a new tab/window with Google.
  • me gustaría que se pudiese quitar las sugerencias de traducción (Sugiere una traducción mejor) ,es fastidioso
    added. try to update to version 1.3.1

    - add option to enable/disable google translate original text tooltips

    *** after changing the settings, you must reload the page so that the new settings take effect
  • Приложение очень понравилось. Было бы здорово если бы добавили возможность устанавливать язык, на который хочешь перевести (что бы каждый раз не щелкать).
    А так 5 звезд!
  • I was looking for an extension like this for a long time! Very usefull! Thank you!
  • I can't even use it. I put the mouse cursor inside the box to choose the language, and it starts scrolling automatically and even when I'm fast enough to click English, it does nothing. So I went to the settings and removed all other languages, then went back and it was the same. All the languages were still there, and it did just like before. I tried hitting the scroll lock button (not sure what it does, but thought that might be it)...same. It's no good for me.
    sorry if it's not work for you. can you try this version instead : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/translate-whole-page-to-eng/