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  • I know you probably won't read this but, would you make the extension open source? I ask because I don't see any repo being linked on the extension page. I'm asking to be OS because I simply don't trust you with all the permissions this extension needs, which you didn't even explain in detail, even if you'd done it I still wouldn't trust that what you said is what it actually happens. Please be more open about these kind of things.
  • Love this extension. Makes archiving webpages so simple and easy. This tool is great for saving single page, in fact it would be hard to improve upon this functionality much further.

    I personally use it for archiving pages/materials for online courses. Works like a charm.

    Would be nice to have some functionality to support saving multiple pages or an entire site at once using web crawling.
  • Very good,save all in one file.
  • Simply the best addon for saving pages. The Author DW-dev is awesome, a lot of his addons are useful and cool, thanks to him!
    The only additional desire/request - add feature to ignore requests that are blocked by uMatrix, because otherwise there is a privacy problem - the cross-domains requests are block all the time, but when you save page - you make those dangerous request to spying servers of social networks and etc.
    So, the addon is awesome, I'm recommending it! But please create an issue in your tracker - to involve somehow uMatrix addon and allow it to block request when saving pages using Save Page WE.
  • Can't save pages from support.mozilla.org, even after enable in about:config
  • Does what it says on the tin. Very good extension. However it seems impossible to permanently customise the download location for the HTML files the extension generates. I suppose I just can't find the option...
  • На сегодняшний день это ЕДИНСТВЕННЫЙ способ сохранения ОДНИМ файлом веб-страницы в Firefox. Спасибо хоть за это (прощай файл MHT :)).
  • Perfect replacement for the now-defunct MAFF extension. Great work!
  • Really nice! I needed to show somebody my website which is running under a login screen. I didn't wanna share the login to the person, so I used the "save standard" feature and it worked like a charm!
  • Perfect because is fast and saves all page content (even images) in only ONE HTML file. Perfectly deals with Frames in wikis and reddit which a "PDF Save" Plugin I tried could not handle.
  • i tried it and it's wonderfully working 100%
  • It works fine in desktop but not in Android. It used to work in Android but do not work anymore. After I click the button then nothing happen in Android. Does anyone know how to get this work in Android now? When this works it is the best that I can find online.
  • Working fine
  • My friend, but when you save, you can choose not only save in .html, but in .maff, your addition has become even more popular, because in .maff, I can unpack it 7 zip and see its content, pictures, and .html, not unpacked