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  • This is great. I can use lots of customization.
  • Is there any way to get a dark background for the block page??
    Yes. Options > General > Miscellaneous > Theme: Dark.
  • Perfect for keeping myself productive
  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • A game changer for productivity. It's surprisingly robust, and only a little buggy! But that's OK considering that the extension is FREE and without ads. Give yourself some times to thoroughly inspect all the options and figure out how you can use them. You might think something isn't working, but maybe you haven't looked over your settings well? This feels more like a tool than an extension, which is fantastic and worth it for anybody who does serious work on their PCs.
  • Excelente
  • Effective and easy to use. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
  • Good stuff, mes amis
  • It was working amazing till today, when it gave me access to a blocked site again(I generally tried to open the site when I got distracted, saw that leechblock blocked it, and went back to working.). I went into lockdown and manually locked down for 100 hours and it locked the site down again. I don't know how it gave me access to that site though.
    Thanks for the review! If possible, please post a bug report on GitHub so I can investigate further:

  • Firefox 68 user here. Leechblock rating reduced to 3 stars; stops working, does not block URLs reliably. This used to be a stable and VERY useful extension, but now (Sep 2019) it stops working altogethter every few weeks (fails to block any of my specified URLs). Removing the extension and re-installing sometimes fixes the issue, but only temporarily. Hopefully a future extension or Firefox update will fix the bug causing LeechBlock to suddenly stop working entirely.
    Please post bug reports on GitHub: https://github.com/proginosko/LeechBlockNG/issues

    Thank you!
  • Great Addon that helps me stay productive. Tons of features so you can finetune your own internet usage.