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Miksi F.B. Purity - Cleans Up Facebook luotiin?

I made this addon because i found Facebook was getting increasingly annoying to use, especially since the Facebook applications feature was launched, so i decided to try and create a way of filtering out the more annoying parts of the site. I've tried to make the interface for F.B Purity as simple and non intrusive as possible, so it doesnt get in the way of you communicating with your friends.

The latest version of the FB Purity browser extension will always be available directly from the official FB Purity website

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I'm always improving and enhancing the extension, so you can look forward to FBP getting better and better over time :)

Please "Like" the official FB Purity fan page on Facebook for the latest news on the extension:

Please also "Like" the FB Purity Development and Beta Testing Page to help out with beta testing new versions of FB Purity. Thanks!

About the Developer

Nimi steeev+
Homepage http://www.fbpurity.com/
Käyttäjä alkaen March 5, 2007
Kehitettyjä lisäosia 2 lisäosaa
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Hi, this is your captain speaking, we are now cruising at a height of 1000 miles above the surface of the internet, please fasten your seatbelts, we are coming in to land.<br><br>Try out FB Purity, my browser extension that lets you Clean up and Customize Facebook:<br><br><a title="Hide / remove ads and games on Facebook with FB Purity" href="http://www.fbpurity.com">Hide ads, games and other junk on Facebook with the FB Purity browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera</a>