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  • При использовании дополнения не отображаются тайлы встраиваемых карт Яндекс.
  • There are still a bunch of websites like YouTube for example that need watching over.
  • using this site for a month now. I find that I get less ads and fast speed.
  • Excelente!! Posso pesquisar qualquer coisa na web, sem que os anúncios dos produtos me persigam por todos os sites!
    Um ótimo trabalho da DuckDuckGo que ajuda a internet a ser um lugar mais privativo e seguro!! Salve
  • It breaks a feature on the UPS tracking of "Follow My Delivery", I have to disable this extension. I would hope that the author of this app could make it so you could exempt certain web pages. The "Follow My Delivery" generates a tracking map of the UPS delivery vehicle and wanted to follow it so I could get an idea when to expect my delivery. Other than that I like the app, thanks.
  • Great tool, but it broke the hubspot forms on any site utilizing them. Because of this I had to remove. Is there any way you guys can make it so it doesn't kill hubspot forms?


  • It is a great addon- except it couses Disqus to be disabled, i.e, it won't load on any webpage. Not a single one.
  • Sehr gute Erweiterung am Desktop, verlangsamt im Gegensatz zu anderen kaum und macht was sie soll. Am Android Smartphone kann man keine Einstellungen vornehmen und ich frage, ob sie überhaupt etwas tut ...
  • Very helpful and easy to use for peace of mind when accessing the internet. Google has long since lost it's positive representation of "helping" the public and has become detrimental to our society. Thank you for staying true to the core belief that you should feel safe and secure when accessing information online.