812 arviota
  • Even though some websites do not work correctly after activating this extension, I like the features it gives me to protect from all the various trackers found on the web.
  • It's awesome to have stacks of privacy extensions. No-one will ever find me in my government level secured browser.
  • I like the DuckDuckGo search engine and what the DuckDuckGo team tries to do, but this extension blocks the proper behaviour of some WEB sites under FireFox for no good reason. Typical example is easyjet's web site (easyjet.com) where various links stop working once the DuckDuckGo extension ins installed.
    So, I'd say "nice try, but no thanks".
    Keep the good work on the seach engine, but either fix the extension or drop it.
  • Good shit
  • DuckDuckGo is my home page. When I turn off DuckDuckGo in my extensions, when Firefox starts, I no longer get my DuckDuckGo home page. I get some advertisement for DuckDuckGo privacy extension. Is there a DuckDuckGo search field on that unwanted web page? Yes. But that is the only thing I want on my home page. I'm tempted to report this extension as malware because it modifies my home page without my consent.
  • One of the best add-on for privacy minded people. A fine-tuned and must-have add-on from DuckDuckGo.