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  • DuckDuckGo stopped Google and Amazon ads from sites that I visited
  • Great job everyone! And, thank you.
  • I like the simple, at a glance letter grade in the top right. It gives a very clear and concise guide for when I might be treading in murky waters. And if I need more details on why a site may be given a lower score it is easy to click on the letter grade and dive into the particulars to discover what bad actors may be at play on the site (trackers, privacy standards, encryption etc) This seems to be a solid tool in the kit of users interested in securing their online presence. Thanks DuckDuckGo! I've been using your search engine for years, Privacy Essentials furthers your cred in my eyes for an internet that doesn't need to monetize every single aspect of our private lives to be successful. I hope your model of business grows.
  • Finds what no Google search has found for me before... constantly... not just more private, but more neutral and more efficient by a long shot.
  • This extension is cool enough to use, but frankly could be a lot better. Among other things, it should ( but doesn't ):
    - provide enhanced features to ddg
    - add a !Bang drop-down menu
    - optionally save search terms
    - save filter options
    - omit hits from specified domain(s)
    - make ddg settings persistent across devices with extension installed 9 via ff account association or otherwise ).
    ( Extensively tried in Linux & Windows10 ).

    But, at least it does enhance my data privacy. Viva la libre!