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  • I will not pretend to have any idea as to how to measure privacy, and thus will not comment about that.
    But I do know when my browser, core and ram are working extremely slow; My CPU and 8GB RAM are constantly maxed and Firefox stops responding for ten seconds approximately twice every minute! This happens regardless of whether there are five hundred running tabs, or only five. I wouldn't recommend using this extension until this issue is fixed.
  • Its gives me an idea on how invasive a website is, and explains why. It doesn't say what it means, but to me, to be en guard regarding personal information you may be asked about when you are there.
  • Have layout problems
  • I've been using this extension on Chrome for a long time, and love it. So when I checked and discovered that it is available for Firefox, I installed it immediately, and am just as happy with it as I am with Chrome. And honestly, I am getting to the point where I like Firefox better than Chrome! Kinda tired of all the glitches and every update has weird changes that no-one likes, and the mobile version of gmail sucks these days! So goodbye Chrome, hello Firefox :)
  • 希望可以适配移动设备!
  • Perfect