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  • it really works!
  • Works very well and most sites never break or stop working... the UI could be better (more rounded corners etc) but it suits Firefox's UI very well.
  • A very good extension, it automatically provides DDG as a search engine. and at the same time a tracking protection.
  • Como seria o mundo sem o Google? Experimente. Nada contra o Google, muito pelo contrário, mas precisamos ver mais longe do que a maioria, se quisermos ser diferentes.
  • I love it in the Desktop Browser. Even in the Android Firefox it works. Sadly because it tries to block all google trackers, all links opened out of a google app on Android are not working since they are first going over a google tracking link. Only way arround is to open the page in a different browser. Of course this is broken by google, but nontheless this extension makes firefox on Android almost unusable.
    On Desktop it is sublime!
  • this extension in the inside have malicious codes please review this