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  • I ended up using "Fixed Zoom" instead because it has different behavior that I prefer. But I give "Default Zoom" five stars because it does exactly what it says it does.

    The reason I ended up using "Fixed Zoom" instead is that I always want the initial zoom of pages that I view to be 125%, even if I changed the zoom level manually the last time I was on that page. Sometimes I want to temporarily adjust the zoom level while I'm on a page, but I still want it to be 125% when I reopen the page.
  • this extension is all what I want. no configuration overhead, simple and just works
  • Justo lo que necesitaba.
  • You are a life saver. Firefox team should learn from this add-on.
  • amazing, thanks
  • works perfect for new websites. But all sites that i have visited and where a zoom-level was set (by me or by the addon) does not change after changing the default zoom level in the addon. I need to switch between different monitors (4K and FHD) and therefore want to switch the zoom level for all tabs between 100 and 150% - which is not possible.
  • It sets the default zoom, which is exactly what I wanted!
  • Awesome! Should be bundled by default
  • I do not want to manage per-site settings, so this plugin is brilliant!
    So simple, so small, so usable. Why is this not a standard feature of Firefox???
  • Perfect, but please set it up to show on the bar automatically.
  • Good god. Thank you for fixing this.
  • Finally I can get control of Firefox page zooming with this extension.