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  • Friends, I have been with Bananatag since its inception. I have nothing but the highest regards for them I urge any of you that are having trouble to send them an email. They taught this old man a lot. Just think, I am an old manual typewriter guy. Yet these outstanding Banana-taggers taught me how to set up and get it to work the way it's suppose to. So take it from this old man, if you are having trouble, contact them. They are fantastic!
    In closing, if you choose not to take my advice, then, where I come from, it's on you! Good luck my friends. SF
  • Google don't authorize when using Firefox, Add-on removed.
  • The Chrome extension works, but apparently the developer has abandoned the Firefox extension. It would be great if the developer could work with Google to resolve this issue!
  • Worked great, until google made it not.
  • ottima
  • This does not work with gmail as google won't authorize it.
  • Can't be actived with Firefox - denied by Google
  • does not work
  • As of 5/30/19 BananaTag still does not work with Firefox. Do not get this if you use Firefox.

    (May-June '19)The plug-in stopped working with Firefox a few weeks ago, but Bananatag didn't send any kind of alert. After realizing that the emails I sent weren't being tracked, I sent a note to Bananatag, and their response was, "When we installed an update to the Scheduled Send feature, the plug-in stopped working with Firefox. We have no ETA on when it will be fixed." I suggested backing out the update, but nope! They just told me to use a different browser. Now THAT'S customer focus!
  • Excelente para enviarlo a clientes mentirosos que dicen que no reciben nada y abren el correo jajaja
  • No funciona en Firefox, siempre me indica un problema en la extensión.
  • not working. cant see tracking. noti doesnt work
  • Requests too many permissions.
  • I can't find my account and have difficulties managing my add ons