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  • Kamil Jaszkowiak
  • Not working for me, just a the black circle in the tool bar, not the crossed line. When clicking on it nothing happens
  • Entweder verstehe ich das Add-on nicht oder es ist nicht das, was ich dachte, das Add-on ist. Ich möchte gerne verschiedene Websites blocken und das nicht nur für 3 Stunden, sondern permanent. Die Chip Website wurde gar nicht geblockt.
  • Great plugin to get aware when you want to jump to distractive websites, thanks :)
    -> Feature request: Please add analytics for the user on how many times he disabled the block (preferably also the time of the day).
  • Blocks everything except Twitter, for some reason I can't figure out.
    Yes, that's a well-known problem we have. It's related to the way Twitter website is loaded in browser. We have talked about it here: https://github.com/raicem/impulse-blocker/issues/33
  • Needs to refresh the page after the pause timer is up for this to work properly. Either that or have some notification popup instead.

    EDIT: the pause timer sometimes crashes the browser. I don't know exactly what happened but basically I clicked pause, restarted the website I paused, but then when I opened the Impulse Blocker panel back up, it didn't save the timer, meaning I could pause a second time while the website I was on was still up. I think the crash happened after I refreshed the page of the website I blocked.
  • Just Amazing!
    Has everything that I hope for without extra unneeded features. Also open-source, so you can rest assured it is not doing anything shady in the background (Looking at you BlockSite).
    You can also block certain pages without blocking the full domain, totally useful for Reddit.
    Can't do but recommend the extension!
    Thank you!
  • Does exactly what I want it to do. Would love some more customization options like the ability to redirect or set profiles. Great job!
  • It's great! I just wondering why the version here is 0.4 and the homepage is 1+ ??? Would love to use the newer version.
    Hi! Unfortunately the latest minor version did not pass the review from Mozilla. So they reverted it to a year old 0.4 version... Trying to resolve that issue these days. Sorry for the trouble.

    Edit: This got resolved. Everyone should be able to access to the latest version. Thanks everyone in AMO.
  • Am an aspiring twitch streamer and artist, I use this so I don't spend too much time watching streams or videos and to motivate myself to work.

    Would appreciate if it refreshed the page after the break timer wears out. Streams can distract people for hours and I need to only give myself like 10 minute breaks.
    Thanks! That'a good feature we can implement in the future versions.
  • Impulse blocker
  • Ça fonctionne, c'est simple, gratuit, et c'est recommandé par Firefox. Que dire de plus?

    Négatif: J'apprécierais une mise à jour dynamique pour que les sites comme YouTube et Twitch se désactivent lorsque la pause est terminée.
  • Great on desktop, but mobile version on/off functionality doesn't work.
    Fixed in the upcoming versions. However I'm having trouble making that version reviewed and accepted by Mozilla. So needs a little bit of time.
  • Okokok