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Low quality.. blurred. :(

I agree. One I made when I was just learning!

MaDonnas Fairy & Celestal Wonders & Boken Blue Arvosteltu: 5/5 tähteä

Boken Blue is my favorite so far. I've only had time to view these three Themes by MaDonnas. They are great! Usually I stay with one screen saver on my tablet, laptop and the matching one for my phone.... FOREVER! Until I stumbled onto MaDonnas creations.
I read a little (more like skimmed! lol! of MaDonnas' profile. She sounds amazing! I can hardly wait to read more about her!
Thanks MaDonnas! You have a great talent!

Shan14, thanks so much for the wonderful review. I am so glad you found me! ♥ Thanks for taking the time to write a review for me and reading my profile. Check out my blog sometime and become a follower. It is at:

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Quite nice, very agreeable hue of blue, unobtrusive, very good for night time, rest the eyes, soothing contrast with the brightness of the screen and headings in the browser.

Thanks. That was one of my first.

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I love it

♥ Thanks. That is an old one!

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very nice

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Beautiful,thanks for sharing!

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Like this!

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Wunder Schönn....