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TBDialOut started out as a port of a now defunct extension that broke when Thunderbird moved to version 3. I liked the ability place phone calls from address book so much that I taught myself how to write Mozilla extensions so that I could keep it.

Initially TBDialOut just passed phone numbers to the system 'callto:' handler, but people started asking for more. The ability to configure custom URL for webservices, such as those provided by Snom and Yealink phones, and the ability to communicate directly with an Asterisk server to set up calls have been added "by popular demand".

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What's next probably depends on what users ask for. For main plan for now is to add more translations, so if you're a native speaker of a language we don't have yet, please help us translate

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Kokapena Warwick
Hasiera-orria http://www.oak-wood.co.uk/
Erabiltzaile noiztik February 15, 2009
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Occasional open source tinkerer. See my efforts at <a href="http://www.oak-wood.co.uk/oss/" >http://www.oak-wood.co.uk/oss/</a>