51 reviews
  • So far really wonderful!
  • Redirecting to Ads and SPAM
  • EXCELLENT - able to DL YT video that was "blocked in my country" that others could not. AWESOME ADD-ON! THANK YOU
  • una estafa, te lleva a pagina de publcidad, its malware brings you to a advertice page
  • Have stopped working after about a month. DO NOT RECOMMEND.
    Hello, we had a bug with our download page. The addon is updated and downloads are working now. We ask you to give the addon another try.
  • Does not directly download. Redirects to a site (catch.tube) which contains a bunch of product ads and a URL field for entering the video you want to download. It then pops up the video in a new window for you to view or save (if you know to right click and choose save-as or use your File/Save-as option). Is functional with many resolution options. One-star because unsolicited display ads are forced on user. Uninstalled. How it has 8k users [fake??] and 'YouTube Download Button' {much better} only has 2k is anyone's guess.
    Hello Andre Bell, we are fixing the direct download. So please bear with us till we get this fixed. The direct download will be back up soo.
  • Does not work, wants to download other software, but does not copy the videos.
  • 아주 좋습니다
  • Absolute crap. redirects to a binary trading site. SCAM!!!!!!
  • i click the addon icon, it opens up a new page but nothing happens, then when i click the download button, nothing happens.
    another let down.....
  • 一堆廣告
    É muito bom para baixar videos para assistir depois, porem, para eu que edito os videos, a codificação deixa a desejar, o Vegas nem o Premiere abrem os videos baixados deste add-on
    It is good to watch the downloaded videos, but for me that edits videos, it is not so good, the coding is not the best, so much that neither opens in the video editors, being necessary a conversion, for me it became counterproductive
  • Tried to install some bs link then opened up a screen showing explicit manga. This needs to be removed from the store.