328 reviews
  • Prático! Muito prático!
  • 6 stars minimum, it work wonderfull
  • Good job!
  • Thank you as always
    This is very wonderful
    Please correspond SHIFT JIS to search engine registration
  • Excellent!
  • https://twitter.com/Skype/status/1016698635608821760?s=20
  • potente herramienta que destaca por su simpleza, increible muy buena
  • awesome ext.
  • I was looking for an extension like this one (similar to opera). Very good!
  • Just wanna say T H A N K Y O U !
  • Been looking for an add-on that replicates one of my favorite built-in features of Opera. This does it perfectly!
  • An almost perfect add-on, made even more awesome considering web-extensions constraints. A big thanks to Daniel for his work.
    And thank YOU for your kind words and review. :)
  • So good that I get angry when working on a browser without this addon.
    Hahaha I found this funny. Thanks a lot! ;)