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  • Kullanışlı bir eklenti, 4 yıldız veriyorum. Çünkü eklenebilecek çok şey var gerçekten, yine de ayarları güzel, gelişmiş. Kendim duckduckgo ekledim kolayca ama ayarlarda ya da eklentide olmayan ve olabilecek çok fazla özellik var. Umuyorumki ilerde daha da gelişir. Yine de sevdim eklentiyi ve kullanıyorum.

    Geliştiricinin yanıtı
    Thank you for the review! :) Do you want to tell me in more detail what settings you think SSS should have? Also feel free to send me an email at daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com.

    1) Eklentiye metin çeviri özelliği gelse güzel olur, yeni sayfada değil, seçilen kelimeleri eklentinin küçük bir penceresinde çevirse.
    2) Seçilen cümleyi notlara ekleme seçeneği olabilir.
    3) Seçilen kelimenin şimdiye kadar toplamda kaç defa seçildiği gösterilebilir.
    4) Bütün seçilen metinlerin gösterildiği bir yer olabilir.
    5) Adres çubuğunda da çalışsa.
    6) Seçilen kelimenin sayfada kaç kez tekrarlandığı gösteren bir sayı olabilir.
    7) Bir kelime seçildiğinde, sayfadaki bütün aynı kelimelerin mesela sarı renk ile işaretlenmesi seçeneği olabilir.
    Thank you for the review! :) Do you want to tell me in more detail what settings you think SSS should have? Also feel free to send me an email at daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com.
  • Thank you very much for the extension! Working perfectly. It improves the general browsing experience
    Thank youuuu! ;)
  • oh man that`s great, i`m searching for something like this for several years... thanks for this, 5 stars :)
    Awesome, thanks! :D
  • I use it mainly for a function that is in the Opera web-browser and that is when you highlight a text a pop-up appears with the word/function Copy and a search function (Google search). The pop-up has two positions which to choose from where it appears and that is enough for me. Until now i was using Opera because of that function (and the pip-function) and now finely i can start using Firefox as my main web-browser instead.
    In that case welcome to Firefox. ;) Thank you for the review!
  • Exceptional and very helpful, makes life much easier since you can add any search engine that you want.
  • Find "open in new background tab" option. Thanks so much to Daniel
    UPDATE: You are welcome!


    Already exists! :) Please check the addon options and, under "Popup/icons behaviour", change the value for "Left mouse button click" or "Middle mouse button click". You have a few options, among them "Open in new tab".

    Thanks for the review!

  • Awesome tool. Set up 8 search options but did not export created list. Currently looking for a place to configure my settings and updates and add new search engines. If someone knows how to that - let me know.
    Hey, thanks for the review. :)

    I'm not sure what you mean! Were you not able to create new engines in the addon Options menu? Or are you looking for something like a website where people can share search engines for SSS? (that doesn't exist, as far as I'm aware)

    Please reply to daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com, since I may not see an update here in the reviews.

  • Hello. There is one problem. When searching for Russian words on one of the resources, they turn into an abra cadabra. As an example, the word "authors" turns into "Авторы ". Is there anything you can do about this?
    Hello! Thanks for the review and sorry for the delay, I don't come here often. :) The best way to ask these is via email to daniel.rb.lobo+sss@gmail.com

    It's possible that the search engine you are using uses a different text encoding than UTF-8, requiring conversion of characters in the URL. Please select that engine in the options page and try changing its "Text encoding" to KOI8-R or KOI8-RU, for example. This involves a bit trial and error, but one of them may work, since these are encodings commonly used for Russian words. :)