51 reviews
  • Не работает. Удалил.
  • A turn off button after the translate is NEEDED!
  • good,i like this
  • Seems to be alright, except the unnecessary and obstructive Google Search bar on top.
    That's Google's design choice. You can hide it with another extension like Kill It or Stylish.
  • it completely ruins forms.
  • Funciona muito bem no Firefox (Android), mas seria bom ser tivesse como usá-lo pelo menu, já que no smartphone não a muito espaço na barra de ferramentas.
  • works great
  • ddd
  • good translate is page
  • Works perfectly - 10/10
  • fricken works, just need to re-translate the iframe'd page... on iframe clicks... like re-load everything..? I am an expert with iframes, devinrhode2 on google mail if you want help
  • Works beautifully! Thanks!
    It is very subtle, you do not want it.