51 reviews
  • Work good with Microsoft translator but not with Google (time out).
  • This is about as close as it gets to the translate feature on Chrome as far as I have seen - I like Firefox and pretty much the only reason I keep going back to Chrome is the in-page translation feature. I may have found an amicable solution to this conundrum.
  • Works perfectly. Please keep supporting it!
  • Great addon, but it would be better if a new tab was opened while translating and the original page was preserved.
  • Wow! Can this really be, finally, after testing every single one(!), is this a translate addon (for firefox android) that ACTUALLY TRANSLATES AND WORKS!?!!!
    You Sir, are an amazing specimen and a stunning showcase for the evolutionary brain power of the human species.
    Take a bow, and, here, have a paltry five stars.
    I would rather give you 'the moon on a stick' but these stars seem to be the pinnacle of mozilla currency so I must conform. I do hope the 5 stars is a gift to you. I can only feel shame at how unequally matched this exchange is and apologise to you for that. You give me access to the rest of the world's internet pages and a whole world of knowledge, nay, an archive to compete with the libraries of Alexandria, the ancient world! And what do you get in return...
    FIVE STARS ☆☆☆☆☆
    Thank you Sir.
  • Ótimo, simples e funcional
  • Excelente extensão, com uso muito simples e prático, pois com pouca interação do usuário, faz o que promete. Sem janelas extras, sem cliques exagerados. Sugestão: poderia ter como opção traduzir um texto selecionado, exibindo o resultado em uma div popup na própria página, como acontece na extensão "Simple Translate/by sienori". Enfim: parabéns!
  • can you join no jump translate webpage on Android Firefox? thanks!
  • Thank you