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  • This is about as close as it gets to the translate feature on Chrome as far as I have seen - I like Firefox and pretty much the only reason I keep going back to Chrome is the in-page translation feature. I may have found an amicable solution to this conundrum.
  • Works perfectly. Please keep supporting it!
  • Seems to work fine fore me. It's not as good as having the automatic translation toolbar in Chrome. Selecting which languages should always be translated and the sort. But it does the job and it does it better than most add-ons I tried. Hats off!
  • Great addon, but it would be better if a new tab was opened while translating and the original page was preserved.
  • Ótimo, simples e funcional
  • Excelente extensão, com uso muito simples e prático, pois com pouca interação do usuário, faz o que promete. Sem janelas extras, sem cliques exagerados. Sugestão: poderia ter como opção traduzir um texto selecionado, exibindo o resultado em uma div popup na própria página, como acontece na extensão "Simple Translate/by sienori". Enfim: parabéns!
  • can you join no jump translate webpage on Android Firefox? thanks!
  • Thank you
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