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  • Great addon, but it would be better if a new tab was opened while translating and the original page was preserved.
  • Wow! Can this really be, finally, after testing every single one(!), is this a translate addon (for firefox android) that ACTUALLY TRANSLATES AND WORKS!?!!!
    You Sir, are an amazing specimen and a stunning showcase for the evolutionary brain power of the human species.
    Take a bow, and, here, have a paltry five stars.
    I would rather give you 'the moon on a stick' but these stars seem to be the pinnacle of mozilla currency so I must conform. I do hope thec5 stars is a gift to you. I can only feel shame at how unequally matched this exchange is and apologise to you for that. You give me access to the rest of the world's internet pages and a whole world of knowledge, nay, an archive to compete with the libraries of Alexandria, the ancient world! And what do you get in return...
    FIVE STARS ☆☆☆☆☆
    Thank you Sir.

    My Mother would say I bring terrible shame if this were a real-world transaction. She would 'make me' pay you handsomely for your efforts, and not only that, she'd invite you in for a nice cup of tea, followed by an invite to dinner the next day, of Mince an Tatties.
    Of course you'd not be leaving the house without then filling up on her 'home made Bread and Butter Pudding' or Trifle or Apple Crumble and Custard!
    I can recommend the latter - it is simply wondrous!

    May you have good fortune & luck in the future and may your loved ones & you share in naught but LOVE.
  • Ótimo, simples e funcional
  • Excelente extensão, com uso muito simples e prático, pois com pouca interação do usuário, faz o que promete. Sem janelas extras, sem cliques exagerados. Sugestão: poderia ter como opção traduzir um texto selecionado, exibindo o resultado em uma div popup na própria página, como acontece na extensão "Simple Translate/by sienori". Enfim: parabéns!
  • can you join no jump translate webpage on Android Firefox? thanks!
  • Thank you
  • Не работает. Удалил.
  • A turn off button after the translate is NEEDED!
  • good,i like this
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