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  • Great addon. Does what you'd expect. My only question is, when will it support Firefox mobile view? That would be the only thing I'd say it is missing.
  • Works as expected. Useful. I did not notice any performance degradation. Thanks.
  • excellent, maybe we would like a screen percentage measurement?
  • Would like it if you right click on what you want to measure and it has its own menu thing, and/or you click the icon and then click what you want to measure. I don't understand why this only has a keybind that doesn't make much sense. Edit: Tested the keybind, it doesn't work for me
    That sounds like a good option, but I would like to implement it as part of new add-on. This add-on solves only one purpose that is to measure any part of window with selection area handled with mouse.
    As a quick solution for your query, you can do that via inspect element feature in your right click menu :)
  • excellent
  • خدا کنه خوب باشه وگرنه این همه اینترنت بیچاره دادم بش
  • One of these little things that make your life more comfortable.
  • its beter than ruler ,
  • Consider allowing to increase the width & height after are created the square or rectangle, you can not create form first select the exact size with the mouse (the edges to become editable when you put the mouse over the edges to show an double arrow which to allow to increase or decrease the size and add check-mark who stop the edit and after to can move on the screen your created figure).
    To can save as predefined figure to can load in other tab/window!
    Scenario: A customer tells you that the distance between the title and the photo is not exactly the same as on his competitor's website and he wants the same distance. If you can save a figure created as a predefined (by giving it a name), you can load the same figure on the other tab/window and to show him if is exactly or not, and you do not have to recreate it again.
    To can generate measurable figures in units, for example: create a figure of 24 pixels width and 4.5 pixels of height.