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Auto Zoomer

Keep a preset zoom level across thunderbird restarts.
Usefull on High DPI screens.

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Agregados February 9, 2015

ksbtechies Sin reiniciar

Displays latest ksbtehchies News in a popup widget
Get all the Latest ksbtehchies News headline with a single click.

Opens a popup widget with the latest news headlines.

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Agregados December 14, 2014

Sender Address Columns

Adds optional columns to the Thread Pane to allow sorting email messages by:
* Sender address -- e.g. "someone@example.com"
* Sender address domain -- e.g. "example.com"
* Sender address local part -- e.g. "someone"

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Agregados October 27, 2014

YT2Player Sin reiniciar

Allows for easy sending of YouTube videos to an external media player.

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Agregados October 11, 2014

Linagora ESN OpenPaaS Sin reiniciar

Quick access to your Linagora ESN network

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Agregados September 25, 2014

Open Conversation Button

Adds a toolbar button to open selected email's conversation.

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Agregados August 2, 2014


Displays the "Received" header parsed with a regular expression.

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Agregados August 1, 2014

Winmail Opener Bridge

Opens attached winmail.dat by Winmail Opener automatically.

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Agregados February 18, 2014

Switch Message Colour

Adds a Toolbar-Button to Thunderbird to switch between the mails' original colouring and your user defined colouring.

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Agregados January 10, 2014

Awesome Auto Archive Sin reiniciar

Automatically do Archive/Copy/Delete/Move actions based on user defined rules

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Agregados December 29, 2013


Adds some magic to the folder list columns!
With this addon you can:
* Add a custom column
* Set the default columns settings for any new folder.
* Show hidden columns in the Conversation Tab and in the search window.

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Agregados December 21, 2013

Windows Taskbar Unread Badge Sin reiniciar

Put an unread mail count badge on the Thunderbird icon in the Windows taskbar.

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Agregados December 16, 2013


Abilita la gestione alternativa degli allegati P7M

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Agregados November 1, 2013

LinkedIN Tab

Ajouter le réseau professionnel LinkedIN dans votre client de messagerie simplement via un bouton.
Add button to simple access to the profesional social network : Linkedin; in Thunderbird !

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Agregados October 30, 2013


LookOut is a plugin which allows to interface with Microsoft's mail tools by decoding metadata and attachments encapsulated/embedded in a TNEF encoded attachment (aka winmail.dat).

This version is a fix for Seamonkey 2.*.

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Agregados October 11, 2013

Diccionario de ortografía americana

Seleccione una palabra con el ratón y encontrar su significado en Inglés!

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Agregados October 1, 2013

Massey Omura Cryptosystem

Add On Keamanan EMail dengan Massey Omura Cryptosystem

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Agregados August 20, 2013

CIX Forums

Open CIX Forums in Thunderbird. You need a CIX account to use this. See http://cix.co.uk for more information.

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Agregados August 6, 2013

Diccionario ortográfico de francés

Seleccione un texto en francés que aparecen en cualquier página web y obtener una revisión ortográfica de inmediato!

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Agregados July 13, 2013

Wunderlist Task Button

Non-official addon for Wunderlist. Easily transform a mail into a task for Wunderlist with a single click.

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Agregados July 10, 2013