Web Accessibility Testing

por Ken Saunders

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Web Developer por chrispederick

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The Web Developer extension adds various web developer tools to the browser.

Fangs Screen Reader Emulator por Peter Krantz

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4.932 usuarios

Fangs renders a text version of a web page similar to how a screen reader would read it. The ambition is to help developers understand how an assistive device would present a website and thereby increase chances of finding accessibility issues early.

WAVE Toolbar por WebAIM

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WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Toolbar

Total Validator por Total Validator

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6.378 usuarios

Visit our website for the latest version, as this page is no longer updated. Total Validator performs 4 types of validation with Internet, intranet, or local web pages. To work you need to install a copy of the desktop tool from our site.

Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar por Gez Lemon

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2.306 usuarios

The toolbar enables developers to examine WAI-ARIA live regions roles and properties, examine data tables, and determine if the colour contrast is sufficient.

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