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This is very useful addon which enables sharing large size files in email attachments by uploading files in drop box and creates download links.

Seems like a darned good idea and well thought out. (But...) Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

So far I like the way this is *supposed* to work but there's a problem and I don't think it's your add-on, dropbox (and box) are reporting that the file I tried to send as a test is too large. (~500M) the actual error if anyone wants to know is "exceeds the maximum size for Dropbox." (which is the same for Box.)

I only am using 2 of my 10G available and the file I'm testing with is ~500M so we're not actually running out of space.

I am continuing to try and figure out what's wrong here. (I will say that I'm disapointed that there's no logging for the problem. My attempts at adding a filelink doesn't show up in the "Activity" monitor nor the "Error console." when it really should.)

Seems I'm not the first one with this problem either: (Bugzilla issue closed 2012)

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I can't use this add-on at all. After installation, at the point where I authorize DropBox with my password, I always get a red error message: "There was a problem completing this request." But the email address and password are perfect and valid for all other DropBox accesses, including FireFox and multiple Android devices. Neither the error message nor Thunderbird installation instructions provide any help. Very disappointing.

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Extension is good, and kind of make sense if you attach a file that is not already in your drop box folder.

However, when I attach a file from my drop box folder, it create a Thunderbird folder in my dropbox (great, one more folder ...), and upload the file to it (so now i have 2 copies, even better ...). What is the point? I would expect the extension to simply create a dropbox link to the existing file.

I really hope this developer or another would implement this.

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This looks like a good add-on. One caveat: when it asks for authorization, that window will end up at the back of the z-order on your desktop and you probably won't see it. Look in the task bar and you may see the Thunderbird icon with an otherwise blank item. Click that. It's the authorization screen. Kinda confusing until I found it.

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I think this is a great addition to FireFox. It makes it much easier to transfer files that you've just downloaded to your other computers.
Please update it to work with the latest editions!!

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Works great winth Mac OSX 10.7.5

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Does not seem to work when forwarding messages otherwise great.

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Works perfectly. Helps so much with sending large files to clients—it doesn't matter if they have a Dropbox account or not!

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Works perfect on Linux Mint 14 KDE. I had problems with installation because the selectionbox for attachment (menue:edit-preferences-attachments) doesn't show the add and remove button!!! Just make the selectionbox bigger - you get them all!!! sun shines again...

I'm Loving it..!! but Question.... Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I'm Loving it..!! but Question. Whats the maximum file size I can link..?? And how do i find out...

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Tested on Mac OS 10.8.3, Thunderbird 17.04 - works fine.

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Not possible to verify.

By the way I wonder if it would allow (if it works) full access to the Dropbox account or are you using limited access (e.g. to a folder like "ThunderbirdStorage")? I wouldn't want to allow full access.

Perfect on Windows on Linux don't works on Mac OS X Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

On Mac OS X the file is send into the Dropbox but the add-on say that there was a problem. So the link in the mail is not create.
Parfait sous Linux et Windows, ne fonctionne pas sous Mac OS X.
Sous Mac OS X le fichier est bien envoyé dans la Dropbox mais le module complémentaire signale qu'il y a eu un problème. Et donc, dans le mail, le lien n'est pas créé.

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Works great on TB 16.0.2 on Mac.

If your upload speed sucks like mine, then you must be patient for large files to transfer and the link to automatically show up in the email.

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Idem Gabi : ne fonctionne pas avec Th 16.02
Impossible de se connecter à Dropbox

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I'm on thunderbird 16.0.1 and doesn't work. when I hit set up account, I got An error occured while setting up the account. another add-on for, it works.

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This would be great if I could get it to work. After I submit my dropbox username/password it just sits there. I currently have no issues with UbuntuOne in comparison.

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I cant get this to work using Thunderbird 15 on Linux Mint.

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Very useful add-on. Thanks!