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YouTube Video Player Preview

YouTube Video Player Preview lets you preview YouTube videos when you hover over thumbnails.

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VK New Design Modifier

Модифицирует новый дизайн Вконтакте в более привычный и удобный вид.

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Proxy Tool Requires Restart

Proxy Tool - Powerful, yet User-friendly proxy tool to manage your proxies and anonymity needs, including: 46M+ user agents (world's largest), 10 different spoofed HTTP referrers, auto-proxy rotation, plus many more. Developed by http://ProxyList.co

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Dorando keyconfig Requires Restart

A modified Dorando's tool to rebind keys in Mozilla apps. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement, and will keep your old settings. (See details for upgrade instructions.)

As of version 2016.2, Custom keys (using custom JavaScript) works again!

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LookOut (fix version) Requires Restart

LookOut is a plugin which allows Thunderbird to interface with Microsoft's mail tools by decoding metadata and attachments encapsulated/embedded in a TNEF encoded attachment (aka winmail.dat).
Support: Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

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Unpacked extension loader Requires Restart

This addon should be useful for addon developers who prefer to work with unpacked exentsions for test purpose.

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NewsFox Requires Restart Destacados

NewsFox es un lector de hilos Atom/RSS al estilo de 3 paneles (email)

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Send Later Button Requires Restart

A simple button to invoke the (already existing) send later functions.

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Tabs Menu Requires Restart

Adds a Tabs menu to the main menu that lets you easily change between tabs.

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Single Key Tab Switch Requires Restart

Single Key Tab Switch provides configurable single hotkeys for switching tabs, like the 'Single-key shortcuts' feature of the Opera browser.

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IPv4/IPv6 Protocol Indicator and Configuration Manager

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Suomen kielen oikolukusanasto Requires Restart

Suomen kielen oikolukusanasto

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Live HTTP Headers (clone)

View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing.

This is an unofficial "Live HTTP headers" clone, mainly to fix the Replay feature!

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Open With Microsoft Edge

Open With Microsoft Edge sends pages from Mozilla Firefox to Microsoft Edge.

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Simple YouTube MP3 Button

Adds a small and simple button to YouTube videos that allows you to quickly download the audio of the video as an MP3 file (quality of the MP3 is as high as the video offers) without having to leave the page.

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Perspectives Requires Restart

Conéctese de forma segura con los sitios web que utilizan el protocolo HTTPS, validando sus certificados por medio de notarías de red. Vea http://www.perspectives-project.org

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Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes brings Google Keep right into your Firefox Sidebar.

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AutoProxy-ng Requires Restart

This is a fork of AutoProxy, which can run the latest version of Firefox.

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cacaoweb Requires Restart

Watch videos without limit

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Join-NG Requires Restart

Join partial messages. Somewhat similar to MS Outlook Express "combine and decode".

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