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I like this add-on. I have been using it for more than 2 years. I would not want to be without it.

FF 30.0

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WOT = Fini les sites malveillants :) Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Superbe extension tres utile fonctionne niquel :)

Wer schützt die User vor diesem Betrugssystem? Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

Wenn man nicht bewusst Stalker, Psychopathen und Fake-Negative Voter mit Massenbwertungstools belohnen würde, sondern diese sperren würde, könnte man sagen, Mywot wäre brauchbar so ist es nur für den Firmeinhaber nutzvoll, er verdient an User die teilweise 103.000 Seiten negativ (!!!) bewerten, in dem sich Verleudmung betroffene Seiteninhaber ein Zertifikat monatlich leisten können für viel Geld, pro Domain versteht sich. DAVON lebt Mywot!

Kraftwerk, Kaffetante und andere Patienten von MYWOT sind Schuld an tausennden ruinierten onlineshops, sie werten häufig sogar "vorsicht kreditkartenbetrug", obwohl dort nicht einmal eine Kreditkartenzahlung möglich ist.

MYWOT interessiert es einen Scheiss, die freuen sich!

Grande corruption ! Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

Rester à l'écart ! Logiciels malveillants et puis la corruption ! Grande corruption !
Stay away ! Malicious software, and then the corruption ! Bribery !

VOT Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Estoui nstalando VOT no portatil xa que me vai ben na CPU.
Eunha garantia xa que te avisa cando entras nun campo puoco seguro.

Completely out of sync with the website. Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

The addon fails to understand and remember the login information and comments and ratings never get published.

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Reliable and helpful.

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Stay away !!! Initial appearance is of a great service that reviews sites for everyone's safety. I have learned the hard way, that my impression was totally false! MAFIA is a closer description. I have a small business. I set up a site 6 months ago. Having used WOT plug-in with my Internet explorers, I had WOT verify and rate my site. I was a GREEN safe site. Being small, over the past 6 months I did not get any additional reviews (pro or con). I went to mywot.com and read their site's suggestions. It stated for me to go to the forum, and ask the community to rate my site. I followed their suggestion. With in 2 hours, I had been rated by the famous "SuperHero58", who claimed that my site was a Scam, Misleading claims,unethical, and Spam!!! 100% NOT TRUE !!! Then, a fellow community Member "milliem" jumps in behind SuperHero58, and claims Misleading claims or unethical. and could not find my contact information. AGAIN 100% Not true!! I immediately contacted myWot customer service, about the false claims. They only responded that I could rebuttal the members and their comments. Which I then did. ANOTHER Mistake!!! After I did that, they went to my site where I had links to product companies that I work with, and RATED THEIR SITES FROM GREEN TO DANGEROUS RED. Same false claims, with absolutely no proof of anything. When you want management to act on the false claims, they want over $500 to correct. It is in itself a scam, a typical mafia tactic.
I refuse to pay the $500+ payoff, but it is a shame, as I do have type 2 diabetic customers who like my products. They reduce their need for insulin. They are contacting me now via telephone concerned about the site warning that they have seen. I have explained to them, but how many do not call me? Now this is a real shame, as there are people out there who are mislead by this rip off site and their community leaders, like "SuperHero58". Go ahead and search for superhero58 and read other peoples views.

Our reputations are based on user ratings and tell you how much people trust websites. WOT never asks for a payment in exchange for "correcting" reputation. If you got such an offer please report it to us. You can learn more from our FAQ:


Tried this one and will never install or use again!! Here's why: Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

*Edit: Dug a little deeper. The "community" page located at (http://www.mywot.com/en/community) is totally overrun with spammers, hackers, phishing attempts, etc.

I would recommend NO ONE use this app or trust anything about it! BEWARE!
I have passively used this add-on several times over the past few years. As the other lower star reviewer's mention, I too have noticed the same issues in regard to how many sites and pages are flagged red that may not deserve the rating they received.

I've also noticed if the majority of the current WOT users are not visiting certain web-pages of a certain variety, the web-pages in question may receive a lower rating based solely on the total of hits/visits they have received.

It would seem to me that in order this add-on to succeed to its developer's intention, it would either need to have many more active(less passive) users or utilize an actual "web". By a "web" I mean, integrating other user reviews/ratings of web-pages from similar add-ons.

I hope others who speak multiple languages, use a handy translator or similar tool read some of the reviews rating this add-on lower star ratings as well. Some may not be in English, but in many cases ring true in relation to my experience with this add-on as well.

I will no longer install or use this add-on anymore. Simply because I do not trust it.

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So grateful to provide us thus good extension. I feel much safer.

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Wonderful! This has stopped me from going to some really bad sites. you can even read other peoples reviews for the sites and add your own. Get this. Add this with your other security add-ons and your set.

Вредное дополнение Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

Дополнение составлено из отзывов пользователей, которые просто щёлкают на рейтинг. В большинстве коммерческие сайты оценены неадекватно. Сайты с большими посещениями более-менее правильно. Очередная попытка цензуры для интернета.
Голосование одного человека может сделать рейтинг сайта красным, даже если за сайт проголосует 200 других пользователей, как за хороший. Я бы не стал доверять данному дополнению, сношу...

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Для новичков сойдет, но не более того.

A fantastic add-on Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I found this addon of much help.

Ungaublich Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

Irrelevante Bewertungen, SPAM und Mass Ratings strafen Webmaster OHNE GRUND mit dem totalen Rufmord! Nicht runterladen, es gibt Bessere!!!

Есть над чем работать. Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Интересное дополнение. Поставил, будем разбираться

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Für alle Beteiligten gefährlich. Wot ist unglaublich einfach zu manipulieren und es finden keinerlei Manipulationskontrollen statt. Es gibt reihenweise Beispiele mit Seiten die sich eine gutes Rating verpasst haben und hochgefährlich sind. Für Webseitenbetreiber ist das Tool nichts anderes als eine Verläumdungsmaschine in der jeder mit geringem Aufwand ein Rating massiv senken kann. Das Tool funktioniert nur für riesige Webseiten wo wirklich viele User voten. Für die braucht man aber keine Sicherheitskontrolle. Für User ist das Tool komplett nutzlos für Webseitenbetreiber ein Katastrophe. Das ist alles seit langem Bekannt und das Mozilla das Tool unter den Top tools promotet muss irgendetwas mit Geld zu tun haben. Auf allen anderen Plattformen bekommt das Tool nämlich ein absolut schlechtes Rating.

Wer sich mal eine ehrliche Bewertung des Tools ohne Manipulation ansehen will. Bei einer ähnlichen Anzahl von Votings erhält das Tool ohne Manipulation die schlechtest mögliche Note: http://www.chip.de/downloads/WOT-fuer-Google-Chrome_40641685.html

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Не ставьте, это дополнение никакой правдивой информации вам не покажет, так как разработчики лентяи и перекладывают всё на пользователей. Они не профессионалы в этой области - это точно, они профессионалы в маркетинге и в наглом навязывание своих не нужных продуктов.
Доверяйте лучше тем, кто занимается этим профессионально, а таких не мало, надо только поискать.

WOT : Bien utile! Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Je pense qu'il peut éviter bien des désagréments...
Toutefois, il m'arrive (rarement) de me passer de l'avis des internautes (dont je fais partie!)

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