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Works Great & is SAFE

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Back in business ! Ver 1.28 uninstalled restarted Firefox (30) then add-on installed again (restarted Firefox )and it works !

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I like the Addon and it's more practical than the more wide spread FlagFox as it offers a better preview. Works just fine on Chrome,

but with Firefox, the Flag isn't showing, so the whole App is not working unfortunately.

Please check and fix to next update!

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updated to 29.0.1, extension icon is covered by a message all the time (message about page loading status)
maybe you fix it? or make it a regular button icon - i'll just place it into my status bar (it's an extension now, mozilla removed status bar :p) then

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# broken in Australis

## flag not shown

the flag only shows for local sites (f.e. at about:addons but not f.e. at google.com) in firefox 29.0.1

## test

my test is to install 1.28 in a new install of firefox 29.0.1 in windows 8.1 in a vm

## chrome plugin works

it's not a problem with my network because the chrome plugin works for me

Please try to use our old version 1.27 -

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fantastic. really good.
Shows more data than flagfox.

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I liked this extension a lot, easily the best flags app I've tried for Firefox so far, very accurate. Thanks!