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I tried accessing my most important sites like my bank and amazon and experienced no problems. I also tried to access and and had no problem accessing them either.

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Won't let me do my banking, this garbage keeps redirecting me to a donation site. can't disable this and restart Firefox when I'm downloading files. It doesn't stop people from send indecent email to you either, what's the point.

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Perfect, that's exactly for what i've been looking for!

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This add-on is garbage. Wanna talk about SPAM? Get this add-on. It blocks a website and then opens up 10+ new tabs of rubbish. I'm trying to find compressions scissors, and it blocks the website for "many bad words." AMAZON DOESN'T USE "BAD WORDS." Neither does Disney, Nick Jr., or Starfall. I got this add-on to block PORN so my kid could have fun on YouTube and such. I didn't get it to disable the internet entirely.

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Crap, it,s even blocking yahoo when I go to check my mail. Also it randomly blocks words in articles I'm, from sites that to the best of my knowledge, are not known for their extensive porn collections.
I appreciate the idea, however I fear this addon is going a bit overboard.

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Достойное расширение

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I installed CensureBlock and, to my surprise, the next time I tried to load the website where I buy some of my clothes (it's certainly not a pornagraphic site) I was told that the website had been blocked - really?!

You're blocking a clothing store website?!

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This add-on pretty aggressive; doesn't allow pages to open if it considers contains adult material even in text form. Impressive.

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As many have said, this program aggressively does not open any site with adult content. It is sometime a pain but for the safety of my family, it is more than perfect. Thanks to the developers.

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Из-за этого приложения не могу ребенка в садик записать. блокирует

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This add-on is clearly not for everyone. It is extremely aggressive and will block anything it thinks could be mature. Personally, I'm obsessed with extreme security, so this works perfectly for me. The only problem I have is that I occasionally have to disable this add-on to access certain things, but in comparison to being bombarded with things I really don't want me or my family to see, it's not a big deal. The extreme security is worth any problems for me, and if it's worth it to you, I'd recommend it.

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Думаю, что без этого расширения невозможна работа в учебных заведениях, очень необходимая вещица. Спасибо Вам.

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Сначала раздражал ложным срабатыванием, Решил проблему созданием отдельного профиля для детей. В идеале, конечно лучше вообще завести отдельного пользователя в системе с родительским контролем, но это не всегда удобно.

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Вот сюрприз будет папаше! >D
Ибо нечего мне девайс засорять!
Спасибо за дополнение.

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I added this and immediately had to disable. I pulled up a news article and it blocked the video. It also put the words "CensureBlocK" in place of some of the words in the article. After I disabled it I found the words it blocked were "teens." This is just totally weird!!

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Finaly i can stop watching porn thanks Great work

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Отличное приложение.

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I removed this as soon as I started it. This add-on blocked my access to my bank account,why?? I don't know. But I'm sure that Wells Fargo Bank is not a porn site.

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