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I love this program. I changed from Roboform and glad I did. I saw there were 132 one star reviews and most of them were that the person did not know how to set the program up correctly. You should not give a bad review just because you do not know how to use something.

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I am sorry for I am not certain this is where I should be asking this (maybe directly to the devs instead? or figuring it out by myself if addons are "open source" on FFox?) but how the hell does it work?

How can I trust a 3hd party (namely the devs) with my passwords?
And even if they do have the best intent, how can I trust that nobody could come up with a way to get them?

I am rating it 4 stars (current average) as any less would be unfair.

And maybe if I'm convinced, why not support the addon?

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Für mich der Beste Passwortmanager,funktioniert auch dann wenn gekaufte (in Schutzsoftware enthaltene) nicht mehr funktionieren,weil Antivieren-Softwarehersteller viel zu langsam auf Firefox updates reagieren.

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I use it daily, and pay premium fee - it's best tool I found so far for this purpose. The only problem I noticed is with Google - if you have several accounts (like I do, for work and for personal needs) - LastPass by default will likely log you into a different account than displayed on the screen.

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Не вызывает у меня доверие, когда мои пароли где-то хранятся, кроме моей головы!

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I have always been pleased with this soft.
Once you have learned how to use it, it is really helpfull.
Great job,
Best regards

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LastPass is one of the best investments you can make for your computer. I just have to remember one strong password, the rest of my sites I let LasstPass generate strong passwords. It's on the computer, my phone and both tablets. You can also pick, which actions require a password, there is a security challenge to check for weakness for an example - pages that use the same password,weak passwords. .ther steps that one can take to make sure your system is safe.I've used this program for seven years, I tell my family and friends if they practice good computer hygiene - system scans, not having browser remember passwords, emptying cookies, temp files most importantly place the least amount of person information on the internet, they will have less problems in the long run. LastPass is a very good tool for security, also people with a lot of passwords to remember. Make your master password is not a weak, you also will remember.. When you change or your computer breaks down you can still have access to all your passwords. My laptop died I lost everything, so I have LastPass and Xmarks bookmarks. You can buy both at the same time for about $20 a year! Check out their website. Don't wait until your laptop or computer is lost, stolen or dies on you. Have peace of mind. It's really simple to setup and maintain.

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Firefox が更新される度、そして「ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN」と「Location Guard」などの Filterring-apps を多用するようになってからは、オンライン接続システムの「Last-Pass」への接続が不良になり、自動ログイン機能も不全になってしまいました。これは、(Filterring-apps を利用しているためであり)自業自得の事で当然の帰結です。

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Lass Pass has stopped working correctly on several sites. I am using Version 3.1.1 which is a Firefox add on. Your site says this:

You are running an old version of the LastPass plugin, version 3.1.1.
To upgrade to version 3.1.77, please click here.
When I try to click on the update, I get this message:

Firefox prevented this site (lastpass.com) from asking you to install software on your computer. When I click on "allow",
It says "add-on is downloading"

It then stops and says The add on could not be downloaded because of a connection failure on lastpass.com. What does this mean?

I am using windows 7 and Firefox 35.0.1.
I have used Last Pass for a very long time and now it won't work correctly. It won't fill in certain usernames or passwords, even though I edit the site information, and the usernames and password fields are filled in, but they don't fill in the fields on the webpages when trying to login to a site.

Primarily my T-mobile sites and my Safeway sites are effected.
I have tried uninstalling the add on and reinstalling it as well as force saving the information, with no luck. I also tried disabling all of my add ons except for lastpass, in case they were banging heads.
Still no luck.....

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A maioria dos complementos e/ou extensões do Firefox estão em inglês, o que, ao menos para mim, dificulta bastante o entendimento, haja vista que sou brasileiro e outro idioma que domino é o espanhol. Gostaria que essa observação fosse levada em conta. Não gostaria que me recomendassem um tradutor, pois já tenho um adicionado. Como usuário do Mozilla Firefox há anos, peço considerar minha observação. Agradeço a atenção dispensada.

Localization is a prioity

Thank you for the feedback, localization of the LastPass product, website, and resources is a priority of ours. Please reach out if there are specific inconsistencies that we can address at this time: https://lastpass.com/supportticket.php

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Works on all the web pages I've tried, including those contained Flash and the Firefox and other extensions are not allowed to remember passwords. Congratulations to the authors +5

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Immer mehr Seiten wo man Paßwörter braucht und immer länger/komplizierte Paßwörter. Da ist dieses Addon unverzichtbar und erspart sehr viel Arbeit und der Paßwort-Generator und ebenso sehr gut einstellbar

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Security is the top priority

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Hodnocení LastPass Psw Mng.... Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Pomocník pro komplexní práci s hesly pro jednotlivé aplikace_aneb,stačí znát defacto jedno heslo a získáte přístup k jakékoliv heslem chráněné aplikaci....tj.nadřazené heslo -"obsahuje" všechny přístupová hesla ke všem relevantním aplikacím,apod.,atd.,mj.....Urrgggghh!

Completely useless add-on for an essential service Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

1) Almost a year since the last update, why is that?
2) Does not auto-fill on the three websites I tried, I stopped after that
3) No access to the vault to copy login info manually
4) Not saving password info to a new website
5) Not suggesting passwords

I don't know who is dragging their feet, Mozilla or the developer, but how this app is in the top 10 addons mystifies me. Without this addon working, Firefox browser is also of no use to me and will be uninstalled.

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For sure a nice Add-on for people who want to simplify their security. Personally I will not trust my passwords to an online place that is in fact out of my control. I wish this Add-on all the best.

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Effective and easy to use. I have not had any problems with it. I love to use the secure password generator for sites requiring the highest security.

Awesome but need updates for firefox add on Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

Itself Lastpass is awesome and saves your time alot but it firefox add on has some issue while filling the forms since it is not getting the update from add-ons website.

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Almost perfect!

Works Well but Has problems updating Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

This works very well. However, it has major problems when updating. Firefox 34 detects a new update is available upon each startup but cannot update until much later. LastPass tech support says that the problem is due to the Mozilla update process even though I told them that FF34 has no problem with updating anything else. This annoyance is why I only gave it 3 stars.