Sergi Mansilla

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Nombre Sergi Mansilla
Ubicación Amsterdam
Ocupación Software developer
Usuario desde Abr. 3, 2011
Número de complementos desarrollados 2 complementos
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Tab Grenade

Puts all your tabs into a list, freeing memory without losing any information. Open-Source and very lightweight.

Click the icon or press Ctrl-Alt-T/Cmd-Option-T to "grenade" the tabs.

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1.240 usuarios

pipeline2dcd Compatible con Firefox 57+

Converts JSON Spinnaker pipelines to DCD pipelines ( right from Spinnaker's dashboard.

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Facebook Container

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Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (1.2.3). 

Firefox Multi-Account Containers

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F1 by Mozilla Labs

Incredibly useful Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

This is by far the best and least intrusive sharing addon that exists, with a very well thought UX and great attention to detail.

Surprisingly enough, sharing the website you are currently visiting is always a complicated task, often breaking your navigation flow either by popping up new windows, requesting credentials, etc. But F1 gets it right and makes sharing with several third party services a very easy and subtle thing. I really miss it when using any other browser than my own, and I end up not sharing the website.

If you ask me, Mozilla should seriously consider to integrate it in Firefox on future releases.