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Independent resizing of width and height Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

Sometimes <object> element when web page isn't loaded yet has different size then after it has been loaded completely. For example at startup it is small and square, but after initialization it becomes large and rectangular. In this case FlashResizer makes the flash object small and square and I have to enlarge it every time the page is reloaded. It wouldn't be a problem if resizing didn't save aspect ratio. When I make it large a square becomes big, but the rectangular contents in it stay very small, I have to make the square enormously big to get enough size of inner rectangle. So I beg you, make a support for independent resizing both width and height!

Here are the sad examples:

Edited in an hour: found a workaround - double clicking the resize bar make it same size as the FireFox window and therefore the same aspect ratio, I can shrink it back to normal. I can't live without this extension so I will endure this, but I'll be glad if you'll fix it someday.


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Excellent theme! Please add 3 features - fullscreen button next to minimize/maximize/cloze buttons like in Foxit reader and floating menu(optional) when hovering firefox logo (in the upper left) like in hide caption title bar+(its hard to get that alt can be used to get to the menu!) and a menu item at the firefox-logo-menu for the theme options if possible!!!

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Hide Caption Titlebar Plus ⁴

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Window moving by custom caption/title bar in Ubuntu doesn't work properly. It's choppy, and it doesn't engage compiz woobly windows effect(for example chromium's custom title bar does it).

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