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YouTube Downloader Lite

Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Pretty Cool so far.... light weight is good programming Philosophy ^_^
review follows:
1) position on page of click-able drop down menu is good (+)

2) the nice and neat columns
#, File-Ext, Video, Audio both with Codec & bit-rates, and FILE SIZE(VERY COOL =D)
suggestion add column divider/separators to make it a bit more neat/clean

I will spare the bug report from here...
for now.. but.....

Reply to CFP 06/14/2014

windows Media Player CANNOT play too many formats at least on XP....

One of the best to use is VLC Media Player [ ]
it plays just about EVERYTHING Muwhaha ;D

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Video DownloadHelper

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I like this FF Extension because it allow me to capture/download YouTube streams which is very useful for me since I don't have internet at home and can only get access at the library
and I will watch them at home stuff like NewAge and Binaural beats

It seems to work most of the time for me on YouTube.... 4 Stars
the Fifth Star I am giving is for my appreciation and since I can't donate right now.

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Download Manager Tweak

To everyone STILL COMPLAINING (HE ISN'T FINISHED FIXING IT YET!!!!) Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas


I love this FF-Extension and find it indispensable ;^_^;
as such I also have some patience...

the DMT Dev is just busy with life stuff, like most people.

here is a Temporary fix I discovered and posted on the DMT Forum Topic,
for the lots of download manger windows popping up on.
for anyone installing the Beta release (v1.0.2) go to

DMT's options -->>[File/Window] tab-->

uncheck the "[Open the Download Manager after a delay of [Dialog-Box]]"

this will stop the constant spay of new DMT windows from opening, ie. just manually open a single window when you want/need to.

please post all bug reports and issues there and NOT TO FLOOD the REVIEW place here ;_; :(.

ps: I hope my review will stay at the top for as long as possible as a guide to others... ;^_^;

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Mozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful Save

LOVE, Best of all Addons Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

L.O.V.E. Mozilla Archive Format

This Addon is a MUST have for all especially
those who download/archive websites to take home to read if they don't have internet
and/or those like myself I have been doing Natural Healing & Health, Conspiracy, NewAge research since at-least 2003-2004 or so... I use to have such a *mess* of HTML files and their content, and many saved in mht format because Internet Explorer was all my Public Library would allow.. they NEVER allowed Firefox ;_; made me cry ;_;
lol anyhow getting back on topic

I went for sooo long without any way of viewing mht files in Firefox till one day last year I decided to find out if there was an Addon low and behold
an addon called M.A.F. EXISTED ^_^ ^_^

I have since upgraded all of my old archives of HTML-files&folders to M.A.F.F. files sweet and the built in zip like compression means they take up even less space now and the compatibility is better then mht (ie the content especially the older files saved/converted correctly)

My ETERNAL Thanks to the M.A.F. group this addon was/is a life savor ^_^
195 Word count lol LibreOffice

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Tab Mix Plus

Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I L.O.V.E. ^_^ Tab Mix Plus
been using it since Firefox 3.x or so (I use to use Tabbed Browser Preference back during the v2.x days till its development stopped ;_; and I found Tab Mix Plus ^_^)...

It a must have for anyone wanting/needing just the right kind of Tab functionality including Color coding tabs (some of my settings, Blue=current tab, Red=newly opened tabs not yet seen) and sooo much more the, the config options available are simply Amazing ^_^

This Addon makes Firefox the Best Web Browser in this Quadrant of the Universe ^_^ lol

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Download Manager Tweak

LoveIt/BUT FF3 Compatibility needed Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

I still haven't upgraded to Firefox 3 yet, I've been waiting on great add-ons like this one for some time now (others include Tabbed Broswer Preference, and others) and because of the issues on how the data is stored Encrypted and makes it hard for me to upgrade and make sure I have a clean install. :( :(

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