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FlashGot Mass Downloader

Worke fine, but stopped working now Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Till yesterday, it was working fine. But today, when I tried to download something, the "Free Download Manager" window didn't come up (I am using this download manager with FlashGot). In the FlashGot's options, I can properly see that "Free Download Manager" is specified as the Download Manager. In the FlashGot, the option "Autostart downloads" is also selected. Any idea, why its not working? Further, if I separately try to use Free Download Manager as a stand alone application, then its working, only from Firefox, its not coming up.

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Good Add-on; one minor issue Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

It's a cool useful add-on. However there is a minor issue and fixing that would make it a bit friendlier, I guess. Suppose I have one too many tabs to fit in the tab bar with their full length, i.e. closing any one of the tab, the remaining tab would fit properly in the tab bar. When I hover my mouse cursor over any tab, FishEye properly shows that tab enlarging its length. However because of this enlargement of one tab-length, some of the neighboring tabs length got further shrunken. This seems okay because hovering over the neighboring tab again enlarges their length. But, instead, if I decide to close the enlarged tab (with the neighboring tabs shrunken), then after closing the enlarged tab, all remaining tabs fit properly in tab bar, but the neighboring tabs length are not uniform (either enlarged or shrunken). Further as this time all tabs properly fit into the tab-bar (as I closed one of them), so FisEye won’t try to enlarge/shrunk the remaining tabs unless I open too many new tabs again. Until then, some of my tab lengths are enlarged/shrunken i.e. not uniform. Hope to see this issue fixed with the next update.

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Cool, but one issue with FoxSaver Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Congratulation. It's a great work done. The theme is truly resembling IE7. I loved it. I saw one minor issue when using FoxSaver extension with this theme. Not sure whether I should have mentioned this under FoxSaver review. When FoxSaver is running in full screen mode, if I right click to exit from FoxSaver then the tool bar's colour is coming as black instead of the default blue. Only after restarting FireFox, the tool bar's colour changes to blue.

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Cookie retrieval failed Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

This is a cool product. Thought to mentioned a couple of minor things regarding following: The first record of FAQs on page: says "Cookie retrieval failed means login failed". I got to see a similar error when entering an incorrect password to login to my gmail ID from GSpace extension. May be instead of saying "Cookie retrieval failed! Login failed!", a better explanatory message would be helpful. Secondly, on the dialog asking the password, if I press the cancel button, still it says "Password cannot be empty." This pop-up I guess is not required as user is pressing cancel but not ok button. Thanks - Manas

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