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Thank you very much for this useful AddOn. I am using it for a very long time now and am really happy.

Unfortunately I got a little issue since the last update and I hope, there is an explaination and simple solution: The window flickers (wich is quite annoing).

Does anyone has an idea, how to solve that? Thank you very much in advance.

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Speed Dial

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Really nice addon, that I constantly use in my daily business. Thanks a lot!

May I ask you a favour? Because I switch all the time between my stand alone computer and my laptop, I would appreciate to synchronize both on a regularly basis.

What I can find in the exctras is an export function - but no import. It would be perfect, if you could find an easy to handle functionality for that. Thank you very much :-)

Furthermore there is another thing, that is quite annoying: If I want to add a group it shows up at the end of the queue. Because I have a lot of groups by now in a preferenced order, it takes me some time to click-wait-click-wait... to put the new group to the respective order, I would like to have. So: My suggestion is to give also the groups a number and the option to change the order numer of the group itself. If that easy thing is not possible, it would be fine, to drag and drop the groups (like you can do for tabs in FF) or at least an option where you can switch the order of the groups with buttons << < > >> or so without me having to wait (or at least only once when everything is on the right place). Thanks!

Best regards,

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