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Do Not Track Plus

No longer usable -- going back to an old version for now Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

I'm glad to see Abine is at least responding to people about this, but for now there are too many problems with the add-on. I'm greatly alarmed by reports that it isn't blocking as much as it used to, but more than that I'm bothered by the ways it actively interferes with my browsing experience.

The "mask your e-mail" popup appears in practically every other text field I use, to constant annoyance; I don't know if that's still happening since I figured out how to supposedly disable them. But much worse is if you post in a forum that uses message numbers; the "mask your credit card" popup, which CAN'T BE DISABLED, comes up incessantly. I don't have masking turned on; Blur just wants to remind me it's a service I can pay for, even though it has zero relevance to the particular field I'm typing in. The frustration index of this add-on has become very high in just the last few days.

I appreciated what DoNotTrackMe did to eliminate a number of trackers. If it's not doing that as well anymore (the jury's still out, but that seems to be the consensus), there's no reason to use it at all. When it actively gets in the way of what I'm trying to do, forget it, The quality of the add-on has fallen off remarkably after what should have been a simple name change.

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Site Identity Button Colors

Not quite enough yet Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

It'd be nice to also have the site's favicon back in the address bar as well, a feature that was stupidly removed in Firefox 14 without any way to reenable it in about:config. Yes I have favicons in tabs, but I hide tabs when there's only one in a window, and for those cases I want the favicon back. I appreciate that this undoes some of the dev team's stupidity, but it needs to do more.

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Personas Plus

After all this time, why does it still suck? Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

Come on, guys, you've had ages now to make this decent. At one time personas worked with themes, but when Firefox 3.6 came out that came to an end. Personas can't be stored locally and have to be re-downloaded each time. FAIL! The implementation was just terrible from the outset. Make this add-on what it's supposed to be and I'll be happy to add four more stars.

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Not bad Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I absolutely hate the newer style of losing the statusbar, so this extension is a must-have.

Tweaks I would like to see in a future version:

- The options for this add-on should appear in a menu, preferably in the right-click context menu for the statusbar itself.

- Being able to rearrange items in the statusbar would be handy. For instance ColorZilla no longer appears on the left edge of the statusbar where it used to be.

- I don't like the icon for the downloads (a simple folder would be a big improvement, as would making the progress meter horizontal) and there is no option to disable it but just show text. I was able to disable it using userChrome.css, but I'd rather have it as an option or at least have a better icon.

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AFOM - Memory Recovery & Retention For Firefox Only

Lowers memory, kills handles Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

I decided to give this add-on a go and found that it does live up to its promise of reducing memory consumption in Firefox 3.5. At a best estimate the memory has stayed hovering anywhere from 60-80% of what it would normally be after a startup and without climbing over time. However, in 24 hours the number of system handles has jumped to almost 12,000, several times that of a normal session about to go kaput from regular memory leakage. This fully explains why others have had issues with pieces of the interface failing after running a while. If the handle leak can be fixed I'll be happy to go back to using this add-on, but for now I'll have to uninstall it.

Controle de Scripts

Puntuado con 2 de 5 estrellas

I've had this add-on forever but I really want to replace it with something else. There is basically no information on how to use this (the info that is there is laughable) and either the advanced policy manager doesn't work or is simply too arcane to figure out. I can't even tell when I'm on a website whether the policy manager is using the right policy, and if it is then my attempt to block for a specific policy simply isn't working. There's zero feedback on what the add-on is doing, so there's no way to know if it's even doing anything at all; the one thing I'm sure it is not doing is its job. Either the extremely crappy UI needs to be rewritten or somebody needs to document it properly. (By the way, how about an option to block pop-ups that don't go to the same domain? That would stop like 99% of ads. There's no way I'm the first person to have thought of that.)


Update for Firefox 3.5 sucks Puntuado con 1 de 5 estrellas

I've used Qute since Firefox 1.x, but I'm now going to give it up in favor of a lookalike--of the older version. The 3.5-compatible update ruins the forward/back icons, among others, and generally just sucks on toast. Since I can only assume the author won't have the good sense to revert to the way the theme was before (what's the point in even making a theme if you're going to change it radically?), this is my last dance with this once-great theme.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (4.0.1).