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I gave this a moderate score but I have never used it. Clicking on stars was necessary to get to the "Write a review" window. It appears to perform the same function as "Navigate Up WE " which works in FF57 and was created by DW-dev, who is a responsive developer and the creator of several apps that I find indispensable. I too would love to see a Go Parent and Show Parent that works in FF57 (i.e. uses WebExtensions).


OneTab Working Again Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Confirming what "Anonymous user d6f442" reported, OneTab does indeed work again - in Firefox 55 (32bit) in my case. It did NOT work in 54.
Also, to "James the Bald" regarding syncing, I copy the *.sqlite file from my profile\storage\permanent\indexeddb+++extension-at-one-tab-dot-com\idb directory from one computer to another. Good to have another copy of this file lying around to ward off lost tabs. HTH

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Good thing I keep a backup copy of my OneTab store.json Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

I started out using Tab Grenade for saving my tab links on Firefox, then I saw
that there was a OneTab add-on for Firefox, so I switched. I was familiar with
OneTab on the Chrome browser and there are some things I liked better about
it. For one, it seems to be more actively developed (it has a more recent
update). For another, my saved links show up more reliably in a pinned tab.
Lastly, it stores its data in a json file, which is smaller and easier to
access than the sqlite database Tab Grenade uses.

However, OneTab is not without its serious faults. Today I opened my tab with
the OneTab-saved links and it was empty. Contrary to what the developer says
("This does *not* mean that you have lost them. They are still stored in
Firefox, but something is preventing the OneTab extension from loading
properly."), I *did* lose my data. I went to the folder where "store.json" is
located and the file had a size of roughly 100 bytes. My saved version is
approx. 52 kbytes, so yeah, information was lost. I closed Firefox, copied over
my saved "store.json", re-opened Firefox and was back in business. However,
had I not saved a copy of "store.json", I would have been a very unhappy
camper! I am using version 36.0.1 of Firefox, by the way.

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Print Edit

Weird editing behavior with latest update Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

First off, I love this extension! It's near the top of my list of must-have extensions. With it I can get printouts that look the way I think they should, without extraneous fluff.

However, the latest update (13.8) running on the Firefox 35.0 (also on 34.0) exhibits a weird behavior in edit mode that makes editing very difficult to use. When moving the mouse pointer to a section of a page, the content within the red selection box disappears! It then reappears when I move the box elsewhere, only to have the new content disappear. In other words, content is hidden within the selection box, no matter where it's positioned.

Everything else seems to work like before, but this behavior is most annoying.

Addendum (a day later, sheepishly):

Apparently this behavior only happens on some sites, so perhaps it's a site issue, not an extension issue.


Turns out it was an interaction with another add-on: NoSquint. NoSquint is useful for changing dark background sites like hackaday.com to display with a light background, making it easier to read IMHO. If you turn-off this background switching, Print Edit works fine.

The developer was very responsive and helpful in tracking down this interaction. It's obvious he cares deeply about the quality and user experience of all his very useful add-ons.

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Tab Grenade

Can't view contents without first saving a tab Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

This extension is already very useful and I'm enthusiastic about its future. However, the contents of the Tab Grenade (TG) tab don't appear to be viewable without first saving a tab in the current Firefox session, whereupon a new tab is opened, leaving my original empty tab to be deleted manually. My OneTab contents are viewable in a persistent tab as soon as I open Google Chrome.

A related complaint is that saving a tab during the same session should cause TG to update the current TG tab (or at least delete it automatically), not create a new one in addition to the old one.

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Doesn't quite work properly Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

From the search bar, search term is not found by Krugle. Re-entering search term in Krugle's search bar works.

Firefox 25


Nice theme - please bring back text in Library toolbar Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Nice theme, very clean and modern. V17.4 used to show text with icons in Library toolbar. In later versions (at least 19 and 20.2beta3, which I tested), the text is gone. Please bring the text back.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (18.1). 

Google 123

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Recently this utility stopped working and started generating the message "Error: theResDivContainer is undefined" on the Google search results page. The Greasemonkey user script Multi-Column View by Ziru doesn't seem to work, either. Google apps are a moving target for add-on utility writers. :^(

Integrated Inbox for Gmail and Google Apps

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This is a great Firefox extension. I especially like the ability to fully expand Gmail's inbox to fill my laptop's smallish screen. Having Google's Reader, Groups, and Notebook apps all on one page also comes in really handy. There are lots of other features that I have yet to fully explore.

Integrating with Gmail can't be easy, as it seems to be a moving target. Michael does a good job of keeping up and is very responsive to user's problems. After the recent flurry of update releases, it seemed that Integrated Gmail was working under Windows but not Linux. Later the same problem showed up under Windows, too. Michael helped me track down the problem to extra stuff being put in the Gmail URL (still not sure how it gets there).

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (2.5.1). 

Google 123

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One other small complaint, this utility is called Google 123. Under Add-ons
it shows up as googlecolumns. The names should be the same.

Google 123

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This is a nice little utility. Unfortunate choice of hotkeys, however, as it
conflicts with the Firefox's own tab selection hotkeys. It would be nice to
let the user set the hotkey or at least make it some more obscure hotkey
sequence since you don't have to change the number of columns all that


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I came looking for something to replace Google Notebook. This looks really useful, but I am also experiencing the problem of the contents of the address bar disappearing (FF v3.0.11). Hope they fix it soon and also update for FF 3.5.