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Hi ya!!!
According to some I'm way off the wall... lol (I'm am!) I love to draw and design. I can draw anyone's portrait in 'actual-look' or any other way, ie., comic book, manga or simply black dots on paler background. I did one of John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn... that blasted dark area on his hat and eye patch was labor intensive! Whew! I also did one of Sitting Bull. I did them on 28" x 16" canvas with black paint and they sold for $1,500 ea. in 1982. I designed an engraved award, I designed then engraved it for the South Williamsport Mummers Parade. That was fun. I am currently writing a series of stories to be done in a manga style series of books based on Sci-Fi/Sci-Fantasy.

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Roses and Pearls

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The layout in this photo is very interesting! I really adore the patterns broken by Beautiful Roses!!!


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Incredibly awesome photo!!! No matter how one may try, the eye is repeatedly drawn to the right; to HER!!!


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I love this one!! your eyes keep attempting to drift towards the left, but that thought gets overruled almost immediately!! lol

Gaga SNL

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WOW!!! arynnpoole, I bow to you!! Your model and colors present and the background are PERFECT!!! Yes, the model is Beautiful, yet the way the shot is presented, I feel you have actually added to her beauty and air of mystique without concealing anything. That takes talent not found but rarely!!! I'm certainly glad I found this one, but even more so you did it!!

Gothic Poppies by MaDonna

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This truly an Awesome photo!!! The elements and contrasts are simple, yet convey a sense of more colors and fullness. You are an Incredible and Talented person!!! You have an 'inner-eye' that sees things in such a fashion many would miss and the talent to capture the visions for we lay people to enjoy!!!

Classy Touch

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This photo is very exceptional as the artist has placed the model to the far right and all the remaining area seems busy, but to my surprise, it actually causes one to keep focusing on the model!!! A brilliant manner of guiding the viewer's vision without being obvious and without simply placing her in the middle or using an obtrusive addition in the photo!!! WOW!!! Thank you, Chrizzz!! (YES!!! All of yours I've seen are awesome, also!!!!) Highest marks for an innovative way to guide one's vision without their being aware!