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Adblock Plus

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NoScript + CS Lite + Adblock Plus (w. filter subscriptions) = Browsing at its finest.

Whenever I've used a different computer to access any of the sites I regularly visit, I've been staggered by the number of ads these sites contain, as well as the damage caused by the ads to the page layouts.

I really cannot overstate how important this extension is. Install it today, so you will see websites how they were designed to be seen.

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CS Lite

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When I started using NoScript, I wondered if there was any similar extension which I could use to control the number of cookies that get on my computer, since I had been bombarded with all sorts of tracking cookies in the past. After a quick search, I found CookieSafe, which was exactly what I was after.

Soon enough, I globally denied cookies and set a few sites to 'Allow for Session' (an option I'm sure CookieSafe brought with it, as I hadn't seen it prior to installing this), and not only have I never had a problem with cookies since, but with the setup I devised, I inadvertently found a solution for preventing unwanted cookie retention.

Simply put, this extension is a must, especially considering the increasing potential for cookies to be used for malicious purposes.

I only wish there was an update for CookieSafe that informed its users to migrate to CS Lite, as I only found out about this enhanced version when investigating into whether CS would be supported in Firefox 3. Furthermore, I do miss the 'import/export exceptions' feature, although I can easily find the related text file in my profile folder.

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This extension is, without a doubt, the BEST thing to ever happen to Firefox. In fact, I often feel that Mozilla should consider including it alongside DOM Manager and Talkback as one of the optional extensions to accompany Firefox installations.

Since I used it, I've never been bothered by any of those irritating ad 'services' that compromise your computer, and I cannot remember the last time I encountered a pop-up (well, except from Megaupload and Gamespot, but I set those as 'trusted'). Also, NoScript has saved me from some near certain malware attacks.

Furthermore, as the user base of Firefox has grown over the years, so have the number of crackers that target it. However, thanks to this extension and its blacklist agenda, whenever I read articles on /. about the latest Firefox exploits, I just yawn and scroll down to the inevitable comment which basically says "This exploit does not work if you use NoScript".

If you have any respect for your internet security, you must get NoScript. After all, the promise of advanced security is what led you to Firefox, right? ;)

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