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Works with Thunderbird 52.0.1 (32-bit) Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I have to agree with " Psychonaut", " Adam Reece", and "WilliamConley" reviews.

It wasn't clear that to make the "Report" button show requires using Thunderbird to "Customize" the Thunderbird "Toolbar" by manually adding the "HabuL Report Button" to the Thunderbird Toolbar. In my opinion this should be part of installing HabuL.

Setting up SpamCop was a nightmare, but I finally got it. You must go to and manually create your own SpamCop account. Then take the Report Spam email address provided by SpamCop which looks like and copy the aB1cdefghJ23KLmN part into HabuL as your SpamCop ID. Then -don't- turn on quick report until you've submitted a few SpamCop reports to get the hang of reporting. The sequence of events goes like this:

1. When SPAM comes in, make sure it is moved to your "Junk" folder. [because HabuL will grab everything in the open Junk folder to send it off as SPAM.]

2. HabuL will "Write" a Thunderbird email from you with all SPAM messages added as an attachment to your SpamCop address Edit out any of your automated "Contact" / Signature information and press "Send".

3. Then if you did everything right, after a couple minutes you'll get a email message from SpamCop in your Inbox with URL's for each piece of SPAM submitted. You have to click on each link and "Send" a report to the email addresses involved, after verifying the message is truly SPAM. Read everything SpamCop sends you, they're good about explaining why all these steps are necessary. i.e. make sure you aren't blacklisting your church mailing list, mozilla distribution list, or all of Yahoo for yourself and everyone else who uses SpamCop. Exercise due diligence when marking messages as SPAM, or you'll destroy the usefulness of SpamCop as a SPAM blocking service.

Since I use SpamCop RBL in my Postfix setup, I'm hoping after some days all my reporting will pay off in a dramatic reduction of SPAM. This isn't an unfounded wish. I tried adding the SPAM email "Received:" IP to IP tables for a day. I found with the first 8-10 messages I'd effectively blocked all the machines sending me new SPAM every 2-3 minutes for about half a day. Then I had to repeat the blocking process for the next half day. Then at night I'd get about 30-80 more SPAM emails while I was asleep. I'd hoped HabuL in conjunction with SpamCop might automate this blocking process. I'll give it a few days of reporting to see. Today I've reported 50 pieces of SPAM to SpamCop in 4.5 hours. These 50 pieces of SPAM made it through strict RFC email protocol checking, and 8 different RBL lists, including on my system.

My hope is HabuL will allow me a more tailored active approach with SpamCop to block SPAM for myself and everyone else using SpamCop services. SPAM is a serious problem with 80% of current internet email traffic now being SPAM.

Setting up HabuL isn't easy, and I think this difficulty accounts for most of the messages here saying it doesn't work after install. It does work, is better than not having HabuL, but is still a bit of work to use. Yes, I've filed Feature and Support tickets to address what I found. Hard to find support link:

Print Friendly & PDF

Facebook Events don't work Puntuado con 2 de 5 estrellas

Tried to printPDF of a Facebook "event" Waterfox v51.0.1 (same as Firefox of same version, but x64). Nothing about the event printed in the PDF; no pictures, no text, etc.

I like the concept of this add-on, but still appears to need more work.

The built-in "Firefox print" does an abysmal job of printing Facebook Events. I hoped this tool at v2.0.2 would better handle the formatting of Facebook Events.

Esta valoración es de una versión anterior del complemento (2.0.2). 

Xmarks Sync

Works with OwnCloud through WebDAV (not using Xmarks servers) Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

I am new to Xmarks starting with version 4.2.0, which just upgraded to 4.2.1. I use Xmarks because it is the only solution I know which will sync through my OwnCloud 5.0.6 server, using a user defined "bookmarks.txt" file kept in the server WebDAV file area.

First impressions, 4.2.0 is a little rough. On new installs it sometimes can't complete. The solution so far is to force a "download" from the server. Once matched, it seems to stay synced.

Xmarks 4.2.1 is so far more stable, but still not perfect. I just put a new Xmarks 4.2.1 install on an existing machine with a lot of existing bookmarks. It stopped once, telling me "repair" is only available on Xmarks servers along with the message "Xmarks detected an error while synchronizing your bookmarks. Downloading the current snapshot from the server usually fixes this, but will cause you to lose any local changes that have not been synchronized. Would you like to perform a download?" At this point you can tell Firefox Bookmark Manager to make a backup copy of your existing bookmarks prior to allowing Xmarks to wipe them out.

This error pretty much sums it up. Once synchronized it seems to work well enough for me. Keep in mind I have limited experience with this tool to date.

Xmarks 4.2.1 is so far working with OwnCloud 5.0.6 Server using HTTPS encryption, to communicate with Firefox clients under OpenSUSE 12.2 x64/Firefox 20, 12.3 x64/Firefox 21, MS-Windows 7 x64/Firefox 21, MS-Windows Vista x64/Firefox 21, MS-Windows XP-SP3/Firefox 20&21. Xmarks does require Firefox 14 or higher to operate. The "Use your own server" feature isn't available in the MSIE or Chrome/Chromium editions.

I'm looking forward to more stability in future releases. So far it's working well enough for me to continue using. I do wish it could sync with my OwnCloud built-in Bookmarks feature. But synchronizing all my other platforms is good enough for now.

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