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Zoom Image To Fit

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It works, its not the most intuitive thing I've ever seen but it works consistently which I can't say for others I've tried since 45+ Id like to see more incremental control over zooming. either set a percentage in the options for each wheel turn or push/hold a button for smaller zooming percentages. overall could be better but good start and works well enough for the time being.

Video DownloadHelper

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If you think im about to install another application/program to use the same addon ive used for 8 years your sorely mistaken. to lock a feature as basic as install location behind your "companion" app is absurd. uninstalled

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This replaces thumbnail zoom that I used to use with firefox 56 and earlier. does what it says and actually works decently. some settings had to be changed but those settings were for personal tastes. I would like to see a hotkey so the images aren't zooming when you don't want to. Im used to ctrl being the hold hotkey so maybe try that. I set the timer for 5 seconds so this doesn't pop up when i don't want it to. thanks for the addon hopefully this continues to get supported.

Youtube-Channel Whitelister for Adblock Plus

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only started using it but works as described. I would like to see a back up option so on all three of my pcs I dont have to go to each channel individually as I did with my main desktop. i can just import settings and be set. thanks I appreciate having an option to support my fav youtubers

Video DownloadHelper

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needs a patch there is no download appearing in the download box and if you close firefox it interrupts the download ghost download in progress

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Video DownloadHelper

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One of my first add-ons that I downloaded when I started using Firefox about 6 years ago. It always keeps updated with firefox's newer program updates and works really well. This add-on lets you download videos and audio stream from hundreds of sites including youtube and playlist I use this constantly and it has helped me numerous times in downloading videos to share on another persons pc whose internet doesn't work for videos. I love this program and if you get VLC you will never have to convert any of the files you download. one of my favorite features is the fact that on some websites where there is multiple quality choices it gives you a drop bar to download the quality that best suits your needs and is real easy. overall super easy super convenient very flexible and works on all versions of firefox! a must have for anyone who wants to keep online videos on your hard drive!


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