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Maybe it is the way it is configured on my PC but it just doesn't work. No matter what I do, PDFs continue to open in a separate browser window. I really wish this add-on did work. I hate seeing PDFs in a browser window.

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Maybe this works, but I can't figure it out. One of the ways I gage software is how intuitive it is. The animated icon brings up a list unrelated to the page I'm on. I've screwed around with this & never seen anything prompting me for a download location. The online helps I've looked at have not made things any clearer. I'm sure it is something very simple, but I just I won't put much effort into learning trivial software. I'm a programmer & by the time I get home, I'm sick of reading about code. I just want something that works intuitively. I uninstalled it and will look for something that I can verify easier.

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