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Xmarks Sync

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Xmarks used to be fabulously great, but as others have reported it simply ceased to work for a very, very long time (and in a galaxy far, far away, it sometimes feels like ...). I enjoyed a brief flash of success when I read the review reporting that version 4.2.4 works with Firefox 24, but that was the first time I could get Xmarks to sync with any kind of speed or reliability since almost the beginning of 2013.

But now that Firefox 25 is out and the bug reports show that even this latest *unreleased* version of Xmarks isn't compatible, I'm torn. It is testament to how much I missed Xmarks that I'm not yet upgrading my Firefox 24 on any of my five PCs and two Macbook Airs, but frankly I'm reaching the breaking point with Xmarks.

It's quite apparent that Lastpass is not giving Xmarks the resources it needs -- there is only so much Mozilla finger-pointing I can tolerate before I start wondering what the heck is going on -- so I continue to keep an eye out for an equivalent service. Firefox Sync is OK and has the advantage that it is supported quite widely by apps on other platforms (such as iCabMobile on my iPhone), but it has a couple glaring problems. The first is that I cannot view my bookmarks at an online repository like I can with Xmarks, for example from a random Internet kiosk. More crucially, Firefox Sync is almost universally blocked by every commercial corporate firewall, so it simply doesn't work for those like myself who do most of their bookmark-building at work.

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