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Initially, Firefox 20 update seemed to have broken the Download Statusbar add-on, but it actually isn't broken per se. The fact that it worked for some few indicated that some other Firefox setting was causing the problem. When I couldn't make it work using any of the various methods described, and because this is one of my favorite truly useful extensions, I took the rather drastic step of resetting Firefox to its default state, using 'Firefox-Help-Troubleshooting Information' methods, to see if that would work. I then installed DS first, downloaded a test file, and Surprise! Download Status bar worked perfectly, with all indicators operating normally, and without disabling the new Firefox built-in arrow download widget thing. Then without changing any other default Firefox settings, I installed all of my previous extensions by ones and twos, and DS is still not broken. Now I just have to implement my various other Firefox settings to see if I can break DS again. If I ultimately break it, and can trace the problem root cause, I'll report here. In any event, I wanted to let y'all know that DS can be made to work again, but these rather drastic measures may not be everyone's cup of tea. Good luck!