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Classic Theme Restorer (Fx29-56)

my hero Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Thank you.
After Austrails updae, when i saw what was done to my interface, full of functionality an extensions, slick, nice, optimized... it was absolute mess, like i never saw something like that. _Everyhting_ broken.
Even settings like browser.tabs.onTop are ignored.

Thank you for this addon, i was able restore some pieces of my shattered kingdom. Plus a lot of devs are releasing beta versions with improvements, so i hope i will be able restore everything.

Its outrageous what mozilla is doing.
Im using firefox since 1.0 beta 1 and i want smack head of the person responsible for this shitty australis crap.
Fuck you mozilla.
Whoever is responsible, he is one giant piece of retarded shit.

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FT DeepDark

Australis ? Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Probably the best dark theme for firefox. I only hope version for FF29+ with new australis interface will be available.

I would prefer version with less black and more grey tones (something between GraphriteGlow and DeepDark) but nevermind.

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