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Stop Tube HTML5

How it works for me Puntuado con 4 de 5 estrellas

Perhaps some of what works for me will help others having problems. First, I need to have Flash installed. But because I do not want flash content to load and play automatically when browsing, I have installed the FlashDisable plugin, which works wonderfully. I browse with this activated, and deactivate it with a click on the button if I need Flash on a certain webpage. With YouTube, if FlashDisable is activated when I click on the Stop Tube white screen, I get an error message (I assume it would do the same without Flash installed or if it is disabled). So I need to have FlashDisable deactivated when I go to the video I want.The white screen briefly flashes, then it changes to a window asking me to activate Flash Player. I click on it and video then plays normally using Flash rather than HTML5. Hope some of you find this helpful.

I only wish there were something like this to globally block HTML5 video from loading, rather than just with YouTube.

Download Manager Tweak

Fix for multiple windows opening in Beta version Puntuado con 3 de 5 estrellas

Mind you, this review is for the temporary beta. I'm sure it will go back to 5 stars when the stable version is ready. I too was plagued with the multiple tab/window curse of the beta and even disabled DMT due to this. Until I returned one day to the support section and found this from Melchior82:

" for anyone installing the Beta release (v1.0.2)
in DMT's options-->>[File/Window] tab-->
uncheck the "[Open the Download Manager after a delay of [Dialog-Box]]"
this will stop the constant spay [sic; I'm sure he means "spate"] of new DMT windows from opening, ie just open a single window when you want to"

It would also be nice to see an option to remove items from the right-click context menu for each download entry. On three occasions now I unwittingly deleted the entire download history by hitting "Clear history" rather than "Remove from history". It would be nice to not be able so easily to make that mistake.

Anxiously awaiting the stable version.

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