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This looked pretty good at first, but the interface of the schedule dialog could be much clearer. Instead of "send to outbox" and "send now", it should only have a "schedule for send" button. I clicked the "send now" thinking that would send it as a schedule message. An email just went out Friday night instead of Monday morning... Why have a true "send now" button when you wouldn't even use this addon's functionality when sending a regular, non-scheduled email?

reply to @jikamens

Okay, that makes sense. Thanks!

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I've been using Fire FTP for years and never had a problem. My only issue is it takes too many clicks to access... "tools > web developer > fireftp" I use firebug a lot and it has an icon and hotkey (though you can't change it).

Could you please add a moveable toolbar icon and editable hotkey?

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