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Homepage New Tab Sin reiniciar

Makes new tab page show the search and toolbar fields from the defualt Firefox homepage. Sets the current home page to use the new tab page.

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5.733 usuarios

Profilist Sin reiniciar

Inlays a simple and quick access profile manager into the new panel-based main menu. Designed for the Australis update to Firefox.

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1.319 usuarios


Switch, close, undo close, jump, new, duplicate, and zoom tab control all through just your left, right, and scroll mouse buttons.

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3.277 usuarios

Throbber Restored Sin reiniciar

Restores the activity indicator, also known as throbber, to Australis. Can use default images from FF28 or load your own.

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813 usuarios

GlobalFindBar Sin reiniciar

Since Firefox 25, the FindBar was made independent for each tab. This addon reverts the FindBar to classic/global behavior.

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1.002 usuarios

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Auto Shutdown NG

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Absolutely wonderful. The options can be more Australis friendly but the functionality is what's important. And I had to go to sleep but had to keep firewall off and a download had 30min left, i needed to sleep it was 4am, so i installed this add-on while the download was going on, dragged it to my australis panel ui, then enabled it, then went to sleep. And woke up and computer was off! Thank you man!

Youtube MP3 Downloader using

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I've been using it and it's awesome. I had a question though, which quality version does it download, does it download the highest quality available? Because that's what I was hoping for.

Also instead of a right click menu. Maybe you can insert a button like this addon this: its a youtube looper add-on and inserts a beutiful button: "Youtube Auto Play"

also flagged that stupid review by mozillaauwa claiming spyware... i have only seen chrome extensions get hit with spyware.. spyware doesnt get approved on (AMO)

Addons Manager Hilite

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When you have so many add-ons this thing is awesome. Especially because by default it's sorted by enabled/disabled. And this has an option to go alpha only. But I like the enabled/disabled, so this higlight feature comes in way handy. Especially for add-on devs.

Fetaure request: When it rehighlights can you also make it try to remember the scroll position as best as possible?


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How come the download is not updated on the site here?

I just downloaded verison 2.0.5 from:

Here on AMO it's just showing v1.0.6. :( Please update on AMO this is super fantastic add-on.

And its working fantastic!!

I do lots of flowcharting. I use stuff online, but this is by far the best and easiest and quickest. I haven't tried Microsfot Visio as it's too expnsive but I wonder if this competes.

One issue I had was: I made a rectangle and pasted abunch of text. I want to auto resize to fit the text, is this possible? Like double clicking bottom of rectangle will expand it downards OR double clicking top will expand it upwards till text fits, OR double clicking right edge of rect will extend rightwards? This would be so spectacular.

FireX Proxy

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I was helping this guy and wow this is actually a pretty nice add-on!! Got some GUI bugs to fix though. :P Also after I click "Change IP" then I open the "Proxy List >" it doesnt show which one is selected.

Save Back to File from DOM

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I can't figure out how to work this. I use for texting and I want to save the page so all my chat history is there. I can't figure out how to save. This add-on does do that right? save the page with all the javascript changes (which is my chatting)?

edit: in reply to devs reply:
Thanks man for the reply. Oh dang ok I'll bump to 5 stars then, can you please explain how an every day guy like me can use it? I might find use for it.

What about:..

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It looks very nice when placed into the main panel, but it doesn't look good when placed anywhere else. Also the pages should be pulled from the about:about page or the same way it doesn't. So it doesn't have to have asteriks next to things saying "only if you have X add-on installed"

Also it would be nice if you could make the Awesome Bar auto-complete function work with this. Like when you type "about:" it should list them all and filter as we type you know?

I like how when the panel is open, and if you click on an item it doesn't close the panel. However I think if I haven't closed the panel and click on subsequent items it should load that in the same tab it loaded the prior click on.

TLDR: Too Long Didn't Read

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Very very interesting how this works. I'm using it and reading the article both full and condensed, will report back if the condensed version captures all the important parts.

I really like the summarize certain part of a page, it's great!

I especially like how when you change from long to medium or short it tries to maintain the same position it was scrolled at. Nice job guys!

Active Tab Switcher

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Hey man I was trying to get in touch with you so I can fix up the glitches you mentioned in the review for Homepage New Tab addon:

I set up a github issue page for it:

I was hoping to fix all those issues but I can't replicate them. Please reach out to me over GitHub or email. :)

Reload Plus

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It's good. You should make the tooltip a panel and more Australis'y though.

Pray Times!

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Yes please update to FF29, it is a great addon mashallah.

Edit: Reply to dev reply: Thanks for the reply I got it working with that way now! :) Would be even nicer 6 stars if you can make it fit elegantly with Australis theme. :) Also if I get addon bar restored addon and put it in the url bar it doesnt work. There was a bug discussed about Pray Times here:

Also restartless would be like a 7th star haha

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The Puzzle Piece

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I really really like having the addon bar in the location bar! That way I can keep the beuitufl Australis without losing functionality from missing addon bar. Just awesome!

Wowie. I'm using this and it is just so awesome, I really really like the puzzle piece animation and your auto hide features on mouse over. I really enjoy the animation. I use the keyboard shortcut a lot. The bar animates too, this is just spectacular! The only complaint about Australis for me was the lack of addonbar, and then I was using "The Addonbar Restored" but that was just classic style. Puzzle Piece is the new addon bar it fits with Australis's simplicity and beuty, ie: animation and the location bar setting. Just superb! The puzzle piece extruding from bar is so pretty too. Just loving the animations!

Just one thing though, I can't seem to move the status bar out of the addon bar, in customization, and i can't move things within the status bar.

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Nimbus Screen Capture - editable screenshots

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Can you add support for uploading directly to imageshack, photobucket, imgur etc?

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Menu Filter

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This is a very interesting addon.

It would be useful though if you could have stats. Like our usage of different items in the menu. This will help me on filtering easily. And would be cool too to help me customize it.


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Native tools shipping with browser seem faster. However can you please create a "slim" version of Firebug that just offers what the native tools dont.

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The Addon Bar (Restored)

Re the joined icons problem Puntuado con 5 de 5 estrellas

Edit: Re Author Reply: You are absolutely right, thanks very much for tha torganize status bar revived addon, I change my rating hree to 5 stars. Excellent man thx! Can you make this clear though in addon description or within addon itself if a bar is seen, I wouldn't have known this until you explained it.

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Hide Tab Bar With One Tab

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You should make it an option in the right click menu so we can toggle the toolbar just like we do to other toolbars. For Australis you should add it to the customize toolbar palette.

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BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you man!! I like how it looks a lot. I have tried Poster ( and others (HTTP Response Browser) but I like this one the most. From looks only, i'm going to start using it and get back to you on functionality.

The Addon Bar (Restored)

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I can't individually remove some icons from the addon bar from the customize panel. If i try to drag one out it drags like a bar of 5 things out.

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - about:profile

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Wow no way Mozilla Labs/Propspector is still making addons. I've been wanting them to update the addon "Predictive New Tab" for so long, that was a genius idea. Anyways just 3 stars for this one, I don't understand the stats, it says my number one interest is "Internet"... And I dont really get why theres a bar for both male and female and school/work/home etc. Would be nice if you can make it explain itself more with like pretty animated tooltips.