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Adblock Plus

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Hey Adblock. I can't live without you, man.

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Hola Unblocker

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Used to work...

I installed the add-on a few days ago and it honestly worked fine.
But then I had to reset Firefox because it crashed a lot (NOT because of Hola) and re-install all my add-ons again and now it doesn't work AT ALL anymore...

I also installed the Windows app (latest version, apparently). Said app seems to be useless as well seeing that I can't really say there are any improvements gained from the "Accelerator".

I'd seriously reconsider my note and review if there is a solution to my problem -- since I found the add-on rather awesome WHEN IT WORKED.

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Maybe I'm doing it wrong but, to me, the down-side to this add-on is the fact that you can't use it with different Wikis all at once. I'd like to be able to use it with fr.wikipedia without having to change the settings when I want to use it with en.wikipedia again...